Purge Labs Saturn A-15 build w/ 30 lb maceration tube

Looking at this system for a quick cost efficient upgrade from a smaller CLS system. They are asking 20,000 USD with the upgraded 30 lb maceration tube, supposed upgrade. I’m seriously thinking about it, I’m bottlenecked currently. Im using it mostly for crude, thank you for your time.

Pictures ?
For bulk production they are very useful
@AnonymousD has worked with them if not mistaken

Amazing for crude production. I used to grind my material and fit 25lbs in the 30lb column. I had 2 of the columns and i could run through 100lbs easy in a day. I also was running 2 cmep6000’s on this system and my recovery time was about 45-50sec per lb of gas. Perfect tool for crude production

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Im running two of their set ups in my facility, I love them. They crush it for crude production.