pure terpene isolates

greetings i was on the market for pure terpene isolates d limonene, alpha bisabolol ,beta caryophyllene etc… I want 99%< if possible but after doing a little looking around I can’t find that high of purity it seems even on chemical suppliers pages.I know certain processes yield a lower purity and some refinement is needed… Does it have to do with certain terpenes are too close to the bp of the solvent used to extract to obtain that high of purity? if anyone has info on where to obtain pure terpene isolates or why Some wont be that pure I would appreciate it

Naturally derived terpenes are isolated by fractional distillation, which can only take you so far in terms of purity because the boiling points between the terpenes are so similar. If you find a product that is 99% of any terpene it’s likely that what you’re looking at is a product that was made synthetically.

It doesnt make a difference whether it was produced synthetically or not but you will probably not be able to recreate any familiar cannabis smells by blending isolates because naturally derived mixtures have very very very subtle differences that end up having a large effect on the smell. For example one plant may produce linalool as its chief terpene and so will likely also have esters, ethers, and alcohols of linalool which all have different smells than linalool by themselves and in different concentrations so trying to recreate the smell of a strain is a bit of a fools errand.


thanks for that info i’ll definitely keep that in mind

To answer your question though, Floraplex offers isolated terpenes.

I dont know what exactly you’re looking for but they seem to have a few well known monoterpenes.

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