Pure Pressure Rosin Press Alignment and Axis Separator Maintenance

So I bought a used Long’s Peak Press and the plates were misaligned when I received it and I just went through the 15 step process of realignment.

It was a bitch but it’s now perfectly straight.

I’ve also had to use an acoustic tensionmeter to tune the belt on an Axis Separator a couple times before.

If anyone has any issues with their Pure Pressure press being misaligned or pressing unevenly, or your Axis Separator making grinding,
clicking, squealing sounds or not stirring at all hit me up. I can walk you through the process of alignment, adjusting tension or even replwcing bearings, clevis, rod etc…

I’m also attaching the SOPS from the manufacturer here if anyone needs to see them. They are also available on the Pure Pressure website but I figured I’d drop them here for quick reference.

User_Manual_D2.5_R2.3_-_Pikes_Peak_V2_Longs_Peak.pdf (19.0 MB)

Axis Service Manual R11 (1) (1)_221106_205506.pdf (3.1 MB)