Psychoactive rare/minor cannabinoids (THC Free/ND)

We’re one of the biggest suppliers of cannabinoid ingredients exporting to Japan, and recently Japan made it illegal to import thc’s including thcv, thc, thcb, thch, thcp and thcjd. (We buy in bulk: 1-15kg/mo depending on the products)

We’re looking for rare/minor cannabinoids that are psychoactive at the moment with ND level of thc (ND level of thcv too), but open to new non-psychoactives as well.

Currently looking into 8-OH / 9-OH / 10-OH-HHCs, HHC- (hhch, hhcp, etc), HHCB, HHCA and prefer not to get any ingredients starting with THC- but still open to the possibilities.

If you know anything, leave us a comment here with the following:

  1. Is it psychoactive? (Y/N)
  2. If Y - which product/ingredient do you manufacture?
  3. If N - Please specify ingredients you specialize
  4. Leave your company info or webaite URL and contact info or your DM so we can reach you

I’ve had an open “bounty” on finding 0.00% THC compliant flower since Oct’19:

PM me your No THC flower strains. We can then live the dream of making compliant bubblehash!

Wishing you luck, I think it’ll just be isolates and distillates for Japan the next several years like those you’ve mentioned. THC in Japan has always been very underground. Like “5000 yen for two well rolled straight joints with a crutch” underground.

I thought @seth from Oregon CBD was on the verge of solving this for flower…


As far as I know, we are the only group capable of producing 8-OH-HHC and 10-OH-HHC. Additionally, I’m not certain anyone has or can make the 9-OH counterpart to those compounds.


Nice vocabulary to say looking for SPICE :joy::joy::joy:


Everyone is freaking out over there.

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Good riddance to the risky stuff. Bring back real weed. After reading about people getting Aphasia, I think it’s better off people stop trying for synthetic highs.

@LaurelCrestLabs has what you are looking for.

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