Psychedelics as therapeutics

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Hows the experience?

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The origins of 1cP-LSD are not well-documented. Following 1P-LSD’s prohibition in Germany, 1cP-LSD appeared on the online research chemical market in 2019.[citation needed] Like other LSD analogs, it was marketed as a legal alternative to LSD and 1P-LSD.

Subjective effects include open and closed eye visuals, time distortion, conceptual thinking, enhanced introspection, euphoria, and ego loss. A study found that incubation of 1cP‐LSD with human serum led to the formation of LSD, indicating that it may act as a prodrug for LSD.[1] Anecdotal reports appear to support with this theory, with most users reporting near-identical effects as LSD. It has been reported to have a more gradual come up, along with mildly smoother cognitive and physical effects compared to LSD.

Limited data exist on the pharmacology, metabolism, and toxicity of 1cP-LSD. While it is presumed to have a similar risk profile as LSD and its analogs, which are generally thought to be safe in controlled settings, reliable scientific data is lacking. It is highly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

It’s like psilocin, but different.

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Indeed very similar
Dosing is a bit higher 180 mic. Is the starting dose like 100 is for lsd
It s used quiet a lot for micro dosing
By people that have no interest in a full dose but are intreuged by micro dosing
It s not listed over here and there for legal ( defenatly not cherished)
The Netherlands was /is gooing to introduce an analog act any time soon
Was suposed to be in place but corona side tracked it and we have had some turbulence in politics since but guess in the coming years it will happen

What’s the legality overthere ?

Think that at the moment this is the most expensive psychoactive substance
12k per gram while lsd is only 3K

And several where in the belief of buying 1cp-lsd but got send LSD
With all the isseus following :upside_down_face:


Came here to second this. I’m all for microdosing, but doing this with mdma will nearly certainly wreak havock on your body chemistry.

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