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Brett Steinberger here in NC & SC with a question abt a comment you made abt lo-tek hot plate & 2 pyrexs to convert delta 9 distillate to cbn. i’ve 100 ml of yellow d9 that tested 95% and 50 ml red d9 thats abt a yr old and is likely around 80% due to repeatedly making vapes 5-10 @ a time & its gone from fridge to warming in microwaved uncooked rice too many times(now i divide and take out of fridge just what i need). Instead of making d9 vape carts w 95% & organic gummys w the 80% i want to convert to cbn. i make a full spectrum cbn from a 2x digital decarb & a 3x infusion w my Nova FX digital decarb/infuse/bake unit using hi qual trim from d9 flowers but that final product is a high mct coconut oil.

So would you direct me to greater details for this d9-> cbn old school method?

Am new on here but I’ve been in the cbn/thc formulation field since 2016, self-taught…

Thanks for your time!