PSA: California Chiller restrictions CARB compliances

Hi all,

Just a quick note about new chiller requirements in CA (only for now). Some companies that are held to American standards will no longer be able to sell certian models of chillers with specific GWP ratings in relation to their evaporator temperatures. Some manfuacturers already have eco options with CO2 and hydrocarbons, thermoelectrics, or programming fixes to lock out capacity/change temp/modify GWP with fgas blends/etc.

You can be fined for purchasing chillers and installing them as well as the suppliers. I am certian importers do not care about this and likely don’t even know.

As we have seen in the past, states outside of CA adpot their eco regulations, such as CO and NY’s adoption of their CARB tailpipe regs. The future is going to be more and more tight on FGas regulation. You should plan for this in your 10-15 year plan.