Pros & cons of this system

Isnt this an Icurus model extractor? I’d go for the athena

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I believe it’s the Poseidon model

Two plus years ago I took an Icarus and built it up and called it Daedalus who was Icarus’ father. Quickly upgraded to 4 100# ss double jacketed tanks, a jacketed splatter platter with bottom valve, 2 mol sieves, 2 ss condensing coil in ss buckets, lots and lots of small upgrades, custom valve and line setup so I could cut off each 12" section of the recovery vessel so I could create a temperature/ pressure gradient during reclaim, so crucial to keeping recovery speeds totally dialed in, towards the end of reclaim after cutting off sections in phases only the jacketed splatter platter would have hot fluid running through it, switched to swagelok valves, external filter plate setup, prv on each vessel, hard piped throughout… it was a nonstop upgrade and looked so much different from the pic below which was taken on the day it was first assembled. I never went chiller route, 600# DI for $200 daily, custom recirculating heater. It was a fresh frozen beast, only biomass that ran through it, 25-30# ff a run, could recover a # a minute and more because I constantly tended it like a guy shoveling coal into a steam train’s firebox, tended the condensers and my custom rv antifreeze chiller vessel pumped by an inline transfer pump. Recovered from collection > out two 1/2 valves > 2 mol sieves > 2 condensers > ss double jacketed tanks. Recovering into 2 tanks simultaneously was whip quick. I ran the Daedalus until it was time to switch sides and cross over to licensed. It served me and many farms well.

I suggest dropping the collection honey pot and get a jacketed splatter platter with bottom port and a corlee valve squirter. A condenser or 2 will serve you well, so will a mol sieve. Get a real tank, jank tanks if you can’t afford ss, distill and clean your gas first, Daedalus could clean 100lbs at a time. Add a prv to each vessel. I love passive, so there’s that. Good luck be safe and have fun.