Proper trim drying techniques

I’ve heard mixed things about proper trim drying methods and have seen great material blast great material one week and after 2 weeks of sitting in a tub produce dark extracts . What gives ? Can any one give me an idea here please ?

you need to get that shit vacuum sealed up as fast as possible after trimming and put in a deep freezer, freezer or worst case a fridge.

The thc degrades in oxygen. the longer the exposed the worst it gets.


Hey buddy I’ve had some stuff in the freezer for 2wks… maybe 2.5wks…it was put under vac ,sealed and tossed into deep freezer thinking I was gonna run and can’t until today…
Should I see any difference?

i cant tell. One thing i can tell you that it will be better than the OP who just leaves his trim in a bin. That is 100% for sure. LOL

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Ok I get that much but what if one has 100s of pounds and not nearly enough freezer space/fridge space.

if you got 100’s of lbs. Id stop being cheap and buy a few used wall in freezers. Look at restaurant closing auctions. they can be had for pretty cheap or you can keep wasting material and losing more money. I think my homie picked up a 10x10 walk in for like 3k. It was old but it works and it keeps food at temp according to the food and health dept.


100 lb will go in deep freezer no issue come on for real lol


I said 100’s as in plural not a 100


But ok that’s more along the lines of what I was looking for thanks

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Buying multiple deep freezers dont seem space efficient

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Yeah sorry misread

No sounds like you need a walk in. Restaurants go outta business weekly. They have these types of auctions around me weekly if not daily. You might need to get some refrigerate and it installed but I’m almost positive my friend did most of the work himself and he isn’t the most technical person.

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The reason I posted this was because I have a “licensed trim broker” who delivers in ca but his trim is 3 months old yet claims that it will yeild golden/bright colored extracts due to trim curing/drying methods that also remove pesticides and it just sounded off based off of what I know and hear in the community.

Blast cryo cold…I get very light yellow off trim that old

Ok that sounds much more viable

As in cold columns and solvent

Yep and prefreeze everything, makes sure your to temp… That really helps

But there are many variables…even harvest times influence some

Dry ice or ln2 only way

That’s my go to sop so I’m familiar with the method how ever still get dark extracts even with dry ice on columns and pre freeze all low temp low pressure extraction and recovery. Guessing starting material not being vacuumed and frozen pior being the variables .

Will work on freezing space