Proper terpene/HTE purge proceduce

Sup guys just wondering what the proper procedure for purging terpenes after theyve been seperated from the diamonds? Is it as simple as throwing them in the oven? And if so what temps. Any knowledge is appreciated

suck gently for as short a time as possible under very low heat.

ideally using a GC to monitor your residual solvent.

I can’t share exact values as we are not currently running that SKU (no data).


I think in an oven Maybe a pyrex dish with about 1/4" or so of terps inside a vac with temp off(im thinking the temp will be about 62-65 inside?). Pull vacc slowly and watch the reaction of the tane bubbles(and terps) . You should see the reaction come to a halt, depending on the amount of butane(assuming your using butane) the time will vary, sometimes few hours or less sometimes over night…

Edit: cold trap a plus to catch thise extra terps.


What Cyclopath said, get a GC if you’re running any volume of BHO. It’s really nice.

If these are going back onto some diamonds as the “sauce” portion, I personally prefer to purge them with the THCa fraction.

We find temperature of purging depends on viscocity. How’s your HTE? Mason jars work but pyrexes work better. Depending on your crystallization SOP your HTE may crash out slightly when purging. All things to consider.

Watery/runny at 65F, you can probably purge at 68-72F. Be really gentle with vac.
If it’s thicker and more viscous you’ll need more heat and/or more surface area.


Sauce purges faster than any other part of the extraction.