Proper dosage?

I have a friend that suffers from severe anxiety and depression. Last 3 months hardly comes out of room. Is now on 3rd type of meds (zoloft)

I am hoping someone here can give me some advice on proper dosage of cbd to take…and how often.

Not to promote my own products but our 500mg tinctures would be a great place to start. Half a dropper full .5ml under the tongue hold for 15-30 seconds and then swallow. Should help.

I would also recommend our Hemp shots it has a lot of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in there on top of CBD That would probably really help with her depression.

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This is an extremely complicated question to answer, your friend is their own person with unique biology. There certainly seems to be no specific dosage that works for everyone, especially pertaining to psychological issues as opposed to physical issues.

I use cannabis for anxiety personally, it’s hardly the best thing I’ve found to treat it though. Regardless, generally a strain high in beta-caryophyllene tends to work best for me. I haven’t personally tried just CBD by itself as a means to treat it.

I wouldn’t want to recommend medical advice to anyone, but, the more drugs used in combination, the harder it is to narrow down what’s working. Perhaps dropping one of the pills and subbing gradually increased doses of CBD orally until an effect is noticed.

This is an extremely big and unresearched subject, so I would takes everything anyone says with a grain of salt.


If you’re gonna push your stuff at least admit to it, please. Kinda awkward to say “Not trying to do this thing, but, I’m gonna do it anyway.”


Im not trying to promote my own product really not ive done that plenty on here. Just want to give the option of what might work. Anyone can find a tincture anywhere at any company. Hemp shots only a select few.

This person can order wherever they would like and if i didnt have my own website i would still recommend a tincture it just so happens to be mine since it is my website.

I was going to just post our conditions page but one of the few we dont have done yet is depression.

I didnt take offense to you promoting a little…I actually follow you on IG.

I appreciate the words…i have a bottle of tincture made by CBD American Shaman

It has a sticker that says VG 70/30 and on the bottom it says 150…I think they are saying 150mg per half of dropper…because it says 1 serving half dropper.

I dont want to give them too much…but want to do it right so we can see if works. So we talking 2 full droppers?

I am not taking this as medical advice…so nobody worry…I value all opinions

What’s the volume of the original bottle? What’s the mg per bottle? Do the math…CBD mg per ml of tincture. How many drops per ml? 20ish? I like to actually attempt to calculate a dose in approximate mg…if it is found to be helpful how else will you replicate that dose with another tincture? Things to consider. I’d probably start around 10mg to 15mg and adjust accordingly.

I have benefited greatly from this substance in regards to depression and anxiety specifically. I am also not a doctor or anything of the like.

This bottle says 10mg nono-infused CBD per ML The bottle is a 15ml bottle.

Pg/vg as carrièr for a ticture ?
Thats new to me sounds like vape oil
I would recomend a ethanol base or a vegtable oil

I would recomend the use of cbd
And tea made of Hypericum perforatum)
This is a plant known for iT s anti depresive propartys

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