Propane VS N-Butane extraction


which seems about right to me. where do your PRV’s let loose?


They let out at 350 psi. And they’re located on nearly every vessel on the system.


I am on an ets as well, and have only been using propane, we are trying to do a crystal run today I think butane would be a better solvent for that since we don’t have any mixes ready, what do you guys think, if you had to go 100 one way or the other, i would think butane would give me a more shatter pour like consistency, if i leave it runny which is harder to do with the propane.


Propane is very difficult to get to stay as a liquid in my experience. I always end up with a solid muffin inside the collection pot, which I believe is because of the evaporation rate. With that being said getting good sized diamonds is a bit tricky with pure propane again because of evaporation rate. Propane will help with getting a lot less fats so precipitation of the crystals should happen easier but mine always come out with that sand like texture. Ive only ever done it with high propane ratios though, and I have never tried it with pure pane. let me know how it goes if you do it, I’m interested to see how that would come out. Pure butane comes out too dark for my liking, but the evaporation rate is a lot easier to get those big rocks forming. If your solvent tank is chilled I would say use the butane but if youre using a standard recovery tank like I am right now, I would say propane will give you a way better color.


Don’t know if I’d grow in anything other than pressure vessel though…

You could essiontionally evap all propane then remelt with tane and follow SOP

Is anything about doing that bad, would remelt in tane hurt anything…

I still would like to see some pure pane grown Crystals that be bad ass I’m sure


It doesn’t seem like that would cause any issues but I’m not sure to be perfectly honest. its worth a try. Do you have a pressure vessel? and if so have you ever tried using nitrogen? I’ve never had the opportunity to use one and I’m curious to see if that would work.


The addition of n2 won’t effect it much. solvent pressure inside the Dimond miner is preferred. From what I’ve observed heat and a carefull saturation to the metastable region, followed by seeding is the most effective way to grow large Dimond’s. Small amounts of pressure are bled in increments over weeks, this will allow the crystallization to continue.


Extract with propane. Get it into your miner. Add a little butane to dissolve and crystallize from there. ?!?


Im going to do a butane run tomorrow, and see how that turns out, but that might be an option, i could easily do that. But yeah im getting the muffin everytime with propane, which is fine. Do you guys have any tips for saturation times for the butane and propane, do you guys do the same for both and how long do you do? does it vary for live runs?


I don’t soak at all. As soon as I can see the liquid from the sight glass I push it through to the collection vessel and use the vapor assist. If your not running a full sock I would guesstimate how much solvent it would take to fully submerge the material. The only thing I really soak for is crude oil runs. I also only fill the second or third column with solvent when I know theres enough space in the collection vessel to fit all the solvent I will be using. I find it helps with the dark color that you get towards the end of milking a column.


Whats your experience running pure butane vs a blend? Currently we’re only using n-butane with the OTS Tek to get diamonds. It’s worked great on most batches but others don’t seem to do as well. I’m thinking some propane will keep the liquid less viscous in the cryo bath (some jars have pretty much turned solid)


I always use a blend usually 50/50 maybe a little bit higher in Butane sometimes. I don’t have access to a cryo yet (its being shipped now) so I haven’t had the chance to use the OTS tek yet. Propane has a much lower freezing point and boiling point so maybe a bit of propane could help? but during recovery I’m pretty sure you recover most of your propane and the solvent left behind in your jars is mostly butane anyway. Do you get good sized Diamonds with that tek? I’m trying to dial in getting medium sized rocks consistently so we don’t have to break them down to package, but still avoid grains of sand for diamonds.


I’ve run a propane blend before and the pour off was boiling much more rapidly than I’d ever seen it before so I don’t think all the propane gets recovered. We’re getting some great translucent medium sized diamonds, some jars have made some really big ones and some have lost pressure and turned to sand. The cryo crashing phase to create seeds seems to be getting us clear nice diamonds more consistently


Thats a good point on the propane. I usually let them boil off pretty well at room temp before capping the jars. I don’t have a diamond miner and never used the OTS tek so it takes me about a month before I finish crystallization. I try to keep my jars pretty thin and It seems to work well but turn around time takes too long.


I totally hear that. I’ll stick to butane dominant runs unitl I can upgrade/build a system that can properly handle pure propane rune. I do chill and recovery everything with dry ice and a dry ice bath to help with keep my operating pressures low.


Did u ever make ur 100%propane run…why would it be a muffin in the collection like someone else said, if you put the the collection base in cryo does it not stay a liquid? I’m just curious


Just recover to muffin in cls and then add a lil tame straight to your collection pot to dissolve then chill and pour like usual


Why would sticking in dry ice /alcohol slurry not cool it down to a liquid? It’s way below it’s temp…

Just curious bro thanks so much


Because he is recovering every last bit of solvent. It will start to purge in the collection. sort of like old cotton candy tech then you could put that muffin container in a deep freezer…remove oil as a powder…oven…purge.

Instead of the freezer…hes adding back a bit of butane as a transfer solvent…then pouring.

Here is a video showing what im talking about…IM ALMOST POSITIVE…Several members here had a part in putting this extractor together and installing it…


O now I feel like DA…thinking about it from wrong side … LMAO