Professional, Experienced Growers Wanted!

Looking for a professional grower to be the head of cultivation at a state-licensed and state of the art facility. Applicants are expected have documented experience producing quality, top-shelf product on a very wide scale.

Email for further inquiry:

Salary: ~100k *DOE

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100k is pretty weak for a head of a large state of the art cultivation project. A person can stay home and rock a 10 light show and beat that.


I hear this job comes with tax incentives. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face:


DOE* pay might be 150k.


Your IG handle has zero pictures of your flower you’d like to have grown. What state is this for?


One suggestion. Use a professional looking email if you are looking for “professional” applicants.

Also have any pic of said state-of-the-art facility.


I can’t head hunt without the location. Sounds like someone’s dream though, the right candidate would go on to be a hero in a perfectly tuned environment. Most struggles (bugs, fires, PM, bud rot, lost harvests, etc) I’ve seen are due to cheapening out on everything short of the electric.

A solid grower is a rare resource. And often you have to pair them with a location that is suitable for their lifestyle. Pulling decades of talent from the west coast to IL/OK/DC would be culture shock and the loss of social circles is like losing limbs. (Edit: I’ve only worked Med/Rec legal grows, I have no insight really of before-times other than books, stories and anecdotes from those I’ve met.)

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Not sure how this goes in the legal market but I would spice up the deal a bit and offer salary + a percentage of the crop sold or something. Having a grower produce A+ as opposed to a- could literally mean hundreds and hundreds of thousands dollars yearly. Not familiar with legal market prices but say you produced 500 yearly a- units that sold for 2000. Or 500 A+ yearly units that sold for 2700. The difference in quality just added 350,000 to the business. I would add incentive and you could probably reel in some killer growers. A very organized grower could probably make 200k-300k easily on a black market 20 light flower room yearly. If you want a quality guy you will have to pull them away from this. Just some food for thought.

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When my state opened up, the only experienced people who got hired came from out of state, because of course no one here had ever grown weed before it was legal. :roll_eyes:

The local mega grow op put a recent grad in charge of an aircraft hanger of plants because she had a botany degree. Then she killed everything and they fired her.


Im working in Colombia. Most of the big shows down here had phd botany pros. That didnt work out so good. Im a solid 23 yr grower from BC . Down here Im like the smartest grower. Am I that smart? Well no. But I know more than the botany phds . Shit son, gota know the market value of the product and the people , or youre about to get spanked.


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Lol you should just send him a resume…