Processing fees, costs

Hi Guys, fist thread for me on hear,
So I’m a small fish across the pond from most of u guys, just a personal toker /extractor, build my own closed loop, not easy in U.K., have been using if for couple of years now so know how she works and how long it takes to get thro my own stuff, prob about 225g in total , takes all wkend 2 runs a day sat/sun, I have couple of friends that grow aswell and want there stuff ran, I said yes but I want half money for dry ice and half the finished product, dose that seam reasonable

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When we first started in Washington, a 50/50 split was a good place to start. I didn’t charge for dry ice, but if you can why not :slight_smile:

Glad to see some UK extractors here. Last time I was over the pond I got some amazing super lemon haze :slight_smile:


Lol lemon haze and cheeses is standard hear, well grown and good smoke but gets boring fast, unless u grow (really likeing the wedding cake av got)

Am glad 50/50 seams fair, he is a mate, but I don’t work for free, if u can call it work, more like a fun hobby