PROBLEM-co2 extract mixed with cbs isolate-recrystallization..why


I need help … we have 2l carredi supercritical extractor … we made hemp products … so i made extract whitcs is 15-20% of cbd , but i wont to get to 50% so i decarb extract in oven for 2h at 140 celsius then i mixed cbd isolate to get 50% … when it cools down in about 12-24h it crystalized … could you help me what am i doing wrong ?? Thank you so much in advance

So first off all 50% cbd content is right around the treshhold of crystelization
Second co2 extracts are very often acitic in nature deu to dissolved CO2
Acidity lower ph than 7 helps crystelization if cannabinoids
Third it s not uncommon to have water/watersoluble compounds in your co2 extract so by mass it seems 50% of cbd content but by miscibility it might be diffrent
Oils and water don t mix so the water/watersolubles are in there but do not count in your 50% cbd ratio with other compounds
This amount is little but when 50% cbd is your aim they matter


So are you saying you’re initial extraction was only 15-20% CBD straight from the CO2 extractor? If thats the case you’ve got bigger issues than crystallization, you should be able to hit 50%+ with CO2 extraction without having to add isolate. Also you may have better luck avoiding crystallization if you dont decarb the CO2 oil, this would make your total CBD content be a mix of CBDa and CBD making it less likely to hit the saturation threshold and crash out.

I honestly tank you for your answer
the obtained extractz of 15-20% is becouse of hemp whitch is only 2% of cbd.In the past i have alredy worked on this procedure with the interference of cbd isolate and there have been no problem with crystalization. So i am finding why it is happening to me now. So if i understand i must Winterized the extract and then mixed with cbd isolate…But i donr want to do that becouse thc will also increase over 0,2% as is allowed at as in europe…

if I represent correctly. water is also present in the co2 extraction … It would be possible to remove the water from the extract with an roto vaporator or in a vacuum oven … To prevent this from happening

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European headaches :confused:
That’s what you get working with industrial hemp


yes like you sai european headaches… worked with industrial hemp yes :slight_smile:

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if I represent correctly. water is also present in the co2 extraction … It would be possible to remove the water from the extract with an roto vaporator or in a vacuum oven? … To prevent this from happening

If you are really decarbing at 140C for two hours little to no water is present BUT is your solution really at 140 C when decarbing is a temp probe in the solution ?
To measure the temperature ?


I made this in a lab vacuum oven but i dont use vacum just heating and i put temp probe in the solution it is 140 degrees celsius… in two hours the soluction is red/black colour and without bubbles then i mixed cbd isolate in and let in a oven for about one hour … i measure the concetrantion and it is 48-53% of cbd but it is crystalized :(… today i made another batch… i put cbd isolate in co2extract … and then i mixed hemp extract and isolate from extractor then decarb it … do you thin it will be the same thing with crystalizaction ? Thanks for your time and efford it means a lot for me :slight_smile:

Why aren’t you decarbing your biomass BEFORE C02 extraction? I mean I thought that that was the thing to do for a more efficient extraction on a C02 platform… That would also get rid of any water before being put into the extractor, and I imagine would bring up your TAC after initial extraction.

i tried this too but i don’t like it because then the resin doesn’t taste that good:(

I thought you were going for isolate, and crashing out? You kind of have your feelers crossed. Are you going for isolate, or are you going for extract? Because I would consider those 2 different things with separate parameters. But that’s just my opinion

I dont andurstand what you mean :frowning:

Meaning basically if you’re extracting for isolate than you should follow that parameters for the highest possible extraction of target cannabinoids. I.E. pull the most cbd out of the biomass as possible. Or if you’re extracting for full spectrum extract that you intend to use for vaping, or smoking, then you should follow parameters for a “better tasting” extract.
I could be totally wrong here, but from everything I’ve read and follow this where my thoughts lead me. If I’m wrong hopefully someone will chime in to correct me

No no we dont understaund each other… i must make co2full spectrum resin witch must have 50% cbd and less than 0.2 thc and it must be red\black colour … so i first make extract from biomas and then i mixed cbd isolate in it to get 50% … that is that i want to get … but i have a problem that the product recrystalized after 12-24 h … and i want to know what am i doing wrong …becouse in the past that isnt hapening … i dont know maybe it is problem in cbd isolate or something …:frowning:

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It is posible that the tempreture in oven at 140 degrees celsius is to hot for mixing co2extract with cbd isolate … becouse i find that sentense on web

” You may heat the CBD isolate crystals so they mix into the carrier oil faster.The ideal pre-heat temperature of a fatty substance is 175°F to 200°F (80°C to 93°C)”

Is that a problem that my oven is to hi ?

No not a crystelization isseu although as mentioned above not decarboxilating the 23% cbdA extract and adding 30% Cbd issolate will make sure nothing crystelizes and in my personal opinion would be a great product

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i try that too but first then dont get red/black colour and secund it crystalized…:(…

but I notice one thing. if I fill the product into injections it doesn’t crystallize, if I put the product on an open thin layer it crystallizes … maybe it’s oxidation here?