Pricing info on D9 (pesticides included) in CA

Hey yall! Got a question for those still plugged in and knowledgeable. Whats traditional d9 in volume worth these days? Lets say I know a guy with new old stock thats been properly stored and that guy may be wanting to divest.
Thanks in advance and hope the game is still fun if youre playing.

Assuming l2l?..

What state? This will help (and be key for getting an actual price point because Imo states can vary)

Another click bait title. Please do not use click bait titles. IDGAF about what D9 is going for but I clicked your thread. Mostly to post this though not cus I am looking for some dirty D.

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CA. Im not sure of his licensing status considering he says its dirty

It wasnt offered to you friend. Its a genuine question.

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For pesticides? Is that what he means when he says dirty? Just clarifying

Yes as far as I know

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Do you know what pesticide? I’m sure the value will be directly related to how easy it is to remediate (and if it even can be remediated)

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I dont know but based on this guys reputation id say it has a little of everything sprinkled in

Thank you sir much better.

fixed it

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Its kinda funny that you were interested in what dirty d is getting and you didnt mean distillate​:joy::kissing_heart:

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LOL now you get it. Thought I was getting lucky

Taking all the fun out of the internet bud

Around $1800 per liter on the open market right now


What part of California?


Considering you can get near 99% D8 pesticide free for like 80 cents a gram id wager less than stated. if i could get 1800 a liter id start trapping disty again lol(jk of course.). not saying its BS good for you if you got that connect