PRICES DROPPED! Distillation, Extraction & Vacuum Equipment FIRE SALE! GREAT PRICES! LOOK INSIDE!

Location - Greater Denver Colorado Area

For sale is most of a used YHCHEM YMD-150 Wiped Film Evaporator set - PRICE DROP: Now Just $6500 and will include TWO Cole Parmer Polystat 200C recirculating heaters (shown below - these go for over $4k each used)

Includes all of the following (Everything in the pics, pretty much just missing the rack)

6 inch glass evaporator still body
Glass feed flask
Glass receiving flasks
Glass cold trap
Wiper assembly w/ new PTFE wiper blades
Overhead motor w/ magnetic attachment for wiper assembly
Control box for motor
Mostly all gaskets, clamps, O-rings, accessories

As you can see from the pics, most pieces could use a good cleaning, but all the glass components are solid and intact.

Already priced pretty low at only $6500 (just the evaporator body goes for $10k+), but willing to entertain offers/trades, so feel free to reach out.

Thanks for looking!

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Also still have the VTA VKL 70-5 Evaporator still body and cold traps for sale - down to $6500

As well as the AGi Pure Path 100 Evaporator still body for sale, now only $4000

Also have a bunch of parts to a Senco MD800 Wiped Film Distillation system. Everything shown in the pic, plus new additional spares for the feed flask, cold trap, and top evaporator body for still body (no additional lower part with the coil, just the one shown in the pic). Also most-all O-Rings, gaskets, accessories, except for the rack. (additional pics upon request).
Asking just $4500 for everything

Also have some quality vac equipment at great prices.

Varian VHS-4 Diffusion pump 950 l/s pumping speed - For less than 1/10th retail at just $500

Edwards EO 50/60 Diffusion Pump (2 available) - Just $500 each

2 Agilent Triscroll 300 Dry Scroll vacuum pumps - Just $800 each
1 Agilent Triscroll 600 Dry Scroll vacuum pump - Just $1200
1 Busch Fo18c Dry Scroll vacuum pump - Just $1k

And a bunch of BHO Stainless equipment - Rack mounted unit with material column, CRC, & evaporator column, w/ 3/8" compression fittings, lots of clamps, gaskets, swagelok valves, coils, hoses, pretty much everything you need - Everything shown in pics below for only $600
(Doesn’t include dry scroll pump in corner of 2nd pic or any background items in 1st pic)

Also have the following for sale…

Digivac VPC (Vapor Pressure Controller) Vacuum gauge regulator - JUST $400

Inficon Pilot Plus micron vacuum gauge w/ Pirani sensor - JUST $200

Digivac Model 200 Micron Vacuum Gauge - JUST $200


Awesome deals good luck with unloading everything @Cannabinoledge


Thanks for the encouragement, it’s appreciated.

I have more stuff I will be listing here as I take more pics (Liquiflo gear pumps, Heidolph overhead stirrers, short path gear (SPD head, mantles, flasks, etc).

In the past 6 months my wife left me and my mother got cancer, so I am at a real starting-over point where I am just selling everything off to move out of CO and back to NY to help out with family.

If anyone wanted to make a combined offer on everything, you’d be doing me a huge favor.

Any takers at $20K for everything shown above along with all the remaining items not yet listed?

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Here are a couple of Heidolph overhead stirrers.

First up is the Hei-Torque Precision 100 (same kind that comes with the VTA VKL 70-5).

Like new condition. These are around $4k new and $1k-$1500 on ebay. Asking ONLY $650

Here is an older Heidolph RZR 2021 in great working condition
Around $400-$800 on ebay, Asking only $250

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I am open to any sorts of TRADES as well for anything listed so far

Have excess material? Make me an offer!

Willing to consider anything, other than more equipment really.

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Scroll up for pics of everything.

YHCHEM Wiped Film Equipment - Now ONLY $5k

Cole Parmer Polystat 200C Heaters (3 available) - $400 each

Thermo Scientific 200C recirculating heater - $400

VTA VKL 70-5 Evaporator Body & Cold Traps - $5500

AGi Pure Path 100 Evaporator Body - $3000

Senco Wiped Film Equipment (lots more not shown in pics) - $3000

Varian VHS-4 Diffusion Pump - $400

Edwards EO 50/60 Diffusion Pumps - $400 each

Varian Triscroll 300 Dry Scroll vac pumps - $700 each

Varian Triscroll 600 Dry Scroll vac pump - $900

Busch Fo18c Dry Scroll vac pump - $700

Rack Mounted Closed Loop w/ all stainless accessories - $500

Digivac VPC (Vapor Pressure Controller) Digital Vacuum Regulators (4 available) - $300 each

Inficon Pilot Plus micron vacuum gauge w/ Pirani sensor (2 available) - $150 each

Digivac Model 200 Micron Vacuum Gauge - $150

Heidolph Hei-Torque Precision 100 Overhead Stirrer - $600

Heidolph RZR 2021 Overhead Stirrer - $200

Liquiflo 4-Series gear pump head - $450

Liquiflo Max Series gear pump head - $300


Liquiflo Gear Pump Heads

This one is brand new / never used, Liquiflo 4-series mag drive gear pump head, and comes with motor mounting hardware/accessories. I believe this is the model that came with the Bizzybee ethanol FFEs.

Asking $450 for this one.

This one is a Max series pump

Asking $300 for this one

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Just $19K for everything shown in this post so far (and some additional items not yet shown).

Also willing to accept TRADES! (no equipment pls)

Make me an offer!!

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Some more digital vac gauge / regulator equipment.

Made-in-Germany Thyracont VD85 digital micron vacuum gauge (same kind that comes on the smaller VTA units).
Asking $300

J-Kem DVR 200 digital vacuum regulator. Very similar to the Digivac VPC Vapor Pressure Controller. Great for setting/controlling vac depth on rotos or FFEs, vac ovens, etc…

Asking only $250

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Just $17K for everything shown above


Now asking ONLY $4,200!!!

Includes everything except the rack (even 3 recirculating heaters, an edwards diffusion pump and a varian dry scroll backing pump)

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More pics of the Senco MD800 Wiped Film Distillation Unit.

Now asking only $2500 for everything shown here

There are an additional 6+ round bottom receiving flasks of various sizes and a whole assortment of clamps, O-rings, gaskets, fittings, etc.

Everything here for just $2500

Anyone interested in this 2lb rack mounted closed loop and all the additional stainless components for just $400?

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Are you able to ship?
If so I definitely have interest in a bunch of your gear

Yes, I can ship. Sending DM now.

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Some SPD items.

Just $200 for everything shown below.

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Is this still available? Also, what’s the lowest you price?