Price to MAKE Conversion vs Traditional D9 Distillate

Good afternoon Community :wave: I appreciate all of the help this forum has been and the amount of brilliant people on here is second to none. So first of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has ever participated and big thanks to those who take the time out to contribute on this forum.

I am not interested in hearing about prices on the market or why I shouldn’t waste my time trying to make distillate when I can buy it. There are tons of posts of people gauging market prices and this is not one of them because I believe our members deserve to make a living especially since so much knowledge is provided here so once again thank you.

I’m interested in learning how to run a SPD and wanted to know about the cost of making traditional vs converted D9.

What are you costs to produce traditional vs converted distillate?

Why are people using conversions when traditional biomass is readily available and affordable?

*Farm Bill compliant hemp derived legal everywhere safe to ship D9

Because the price of of the starting material and yields of what you get from each.

If you have to ask these questions you’re already too late.
Not a game I’d ever even consider at this point

Traditional biomass now gets crc and sold as “good” wax

Conversions are dirt cheap. Way cheaper then making it with thc vs hemp


Well, if you’re starting from biomass:

Obtain biomass;extract;post process;distill

If your making D9 from “cannabis”, you’re done.

If you’re after “compliant” D9 from hemp, you should go from distillate to isolate;convert;wash; distill again…and probably perform chromatography.

So tell me why “converted” is cheaper. And really dig in. There is more than one reason.


Costs to produce depend on how much you are paying for biomass in a licensed market and if you are doing it at scale or not. Some places don’t let you use converted (like in Michigan) so its not an option. Some places only let you use converted and then its a quasi-legal gray zone like in Texas (please don’t do it…police are mean there).

Why would people do conversions? Because there was a glut of CBD biomass (there is way less of it now, in case you were not staying current cause a lot of farmers called it quits) and there was a glut of CBD isolate (also already dwindling as, this is not terribly profitable and things change A LOT).

Mostly people do conversions because they like to get high and they are not interested in playing to play in the state licensed markets. They do this because of the limited regulatory structure that happened after the 2018 farm bill. Things are always changing with that and the farm bill gets updated every 6 years, so expect those rules to change in 2 years.

Traditional biomass is not always readily available. Traditional biomass is not always affordable.

Many established licensed state markets and Canada have a glut of this material - its probably easier to not do conversions when you can already buy pounds of trim at around the same price as hemp. Its definitely not going to be easier as the regulations catch up with people and start locking down facilities based on safety concerns. Its already happening in some states - if you care to follow the changing regulatory environment.

There’s a huge push to do away with conversions all together on Capital Hill (because a lot of people who voted for the Farm Bill did not do so, so you could get high!) and the FDA has already been really clear that cannabis derived stuff is not allowed in Food or Drugs or Cosmetics - so everything that is being made with these right now for human consumption is also illegal.

The people don’t it don’t care what the FDA has to say and so they are doing it anyway.

If this was any other industry - it would be illegal and enforcement would catch up with people and take all their stuff and fine them a lot and maybe send them to jail.

But its weed. So because we have created this missmosh of all the state rules everything gets fuddled. Sometime in the next 2-10 years or so that quasi-legal zone will go away.

Until then - some people who don’t give a fuck about this kind of stuff, will continue to make conversion material for profit. With or without any justifying science. because they can