Price of winterized crude

Could Someone help give me industry standards for the cost of winterized crude?

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Three thousand five hunnit a liter, but if that same liter has thc removed at least a thousand more

Ok and that’s the same price for thc crude not CBD ??? I’m speaking specifically on thc crude

Oh nah fam that will be really wide ranging depending on if its black market, licensed, ect

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Strange times we live in… Now for the big money separation.

No. that is not answerable as asked.
prices varies by county, state, and country.

you’ve also asked for the “price” and the “cost”.
one could argue that those were different.

One being what another would charge you, the other what you would spend to produce said winterized crude.

clarify with a geo-location, and you might get a useful response.

Edit: industry standard: %10 less than it was last month. %50 less than last year.


Subscribing to the PanXchange is a good resource. They provide monthly spot pricing and they explain where the data comes from.

Is it possible to get cbd crude from US with MAX 0.2% Thc?

Or would it basicly have to be T-free before being that low in thc? , have some guys looking into importing from US to EU.

Yes, I’ve access to T-Free Crude. Please call/text me at 727-543-3419 for additional information.

There’s a benchmark site for THC and CBD that shows prices in individual states. I suggest checking that, though I can’t attest to its accuracy it seems reasonable.

That is a pretty good site for analysis. They did a decent job of walking you through the math of the hemp market last month. I think their numbers are even a little generous (look at the lbs of biomass/kilo of distillate estimate as well as the 10% market penetration in the U.S. population) but it’s close enough to show that we have a tremendous oversupply in the U.S.:

There’s another site that shows benchmarks, but they were showing really low prices from July-November, and forecasting even lower, while also e-mailing people who signed up as growers offering to buy all their biomass.

That never added up in my head. The site you listed seems better.

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@TomSCook so the only way go get below the 0.2% is to buy the t-free.?? then I must ad the thc back into it if wanted.

I will give him your number, do you have any experience in exporting to eu?