Price of pounds in maine

What are pounds going for in maine right now? Have people making quotes all over the place for similar quality buds.



Lol this basically sums it up. Just had a friend telling me how lbs are selling for $500 (outs obviously) but for the fire your talking 2800-4000 for the real fire. Cannaclaus comes to mind when thinking about the real high end.


Let’s see some pics.

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Here most people will take what you offer. 2-300 is the starting point

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$500? Man is that last years hemp??

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve been seeing indoors fire indoors for 14 and decent indoors for 12… then some people say 2 and up :hushed:. Outdoors 3-6.

Lol who is paying 4000 for what. This Is the first time I’ve heard that number

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I’m looking for a 90’s Acura :slight_smile:

Rumor has it Dan Bilzerian paid $6k for purple punch P’s

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Where are you in Maine?

Can you tell the difference between deps and indoors?

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Last year my guy said he paid 3600 for payton. Now he doesnt??? I understand its old now.

Southern Maine is like 1300-1800lb and falling.

I’ve heard of guys sitting on 500lbs of indoors willing to do 8-900…


Central Maine. Without a dought I can tell the difference. 100 percent fire indoors a get it fresh all year

Is this hemp buds? Or real tree?

The $1300-$1800 is straight flame. Better than most tree in the country.

The 800-900 is just a rumor, and you would probably have to buy 100+ lbs

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I’ve heard of flower for under $1000, deps, in 50-100 pound increments so yes. It exists. Thats on west coast and that was 4 months ago.

$800for a half p right now in southern Maine. 30+% fire.

Boo boo indoor/greenhouse(not many in maine that do winter greenhouse) work packs are easy at 13-14

Curaleaf selling $60 zips :sweat_smile:


Jesus fuck

Thats actually fucking awesome

Welcome to the market for the last 4 years, Cali deps (if you’re not a custy) has damn near always been sub 1k