Price of cat 3 distillate spot buy 3L

Dissapointed in the amount of people who I met on here and whatsapped and couldn’t explain the difference between cat 1/2/3 distillate and all they said was it’s to due with potency cat 3 being the best

Most of the time cat 3 refers to a distillate with no pesticides, or other contaminates. Often produced by a licenced facility.

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I thought cat2 had pesticides under a pass/fail level and Cat 3 has no pesticides detected

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yeah, each state has maximum allowable levels of each contaminate.

Hell, New Mexico doesn’t even require pesticide testing. And unless you have in house analytics, you’re SOL if you want to get anything tested for pesticides in-state. :expressionless:

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Thats backwards as hell

That’s a business right there.

I thought Cali cat 3 is pesticides and everything under acceptable levels and pass heavymetal
And mycotoxins. Which I think is the difference between cat 2 and 3

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Ha! If I only had one word to describe how this state is run, it would be a hard choice between “backwards” and “corrupt”. We’re thankful Mississippi exists so there’s usually at least one state below us on every measure of performance. Still very much the Wild West, but it does have its upsides. Like the fact that the bar is so fucking low in the cannabis industry state-wide that it’s not hard to be the big fish in this small pond. Or at least the one with the best reputation. Voluntary pesticide and heavy metal testing goes a long way with customers if you market it it right and you’re the only ones doing it…


Cat 1 - Basically means its dirty for pesticides (or not tested) and no residual solvents
Cat 2 - Clean for pesticides, no residual solvents
Cat 3 - Clean for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins (aflatoxins), foreign contaminants, and no residual solvents.

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Actually I take that back on the first part, forgot they rolled out pesticides in 2 phases.

Cat 1 - CLEAN of “phase 1” pesticides.
Cat 2 - Clean of ALL pesticides. (the ones they added on)

Correct, as well as foreign contaminants (implemented in Cat 3) and residual solvents (implemented in Cat 1).

What’s currently standard price for each category for 1-5 litres

Prices are constantly moving, so it’s really hard to say. Prices also vary largely depending on the volume. Here’s what “I think” current licensed prices are at:

$5,000/L (failed for a pesticide or mycotoxin (aflatoxins))
$5,500/L (failed for heavy metals)
$6,000-6,500 (clean for CAT 3, either food grade (low quality color) or good color but lower THC% (sub 85%, approximately 75% THC average)
$6,500-7,500+ (clean for CAT 3, high potency (above 85%))

Again, I know some people are letting go lower quality at a higher prices, as well as high quality at a lower price. Really depends on COGS for the manufacturer producing it, as well as the volume the buyer is purchasing.

For 1-5L’s you could expect to pay $7,500-$8,000/L for CAT 3 and high % (85%+) because the volume is low.

Holy smokes… I was taught to only make cat3 i guess and i’m getting hosed on pricing. Lol i make nothing with pesticides or any contaminants and I get 4k lol fucking oregon


Don’t feel bad. All the above is based on licensed CA prices. These prices could move a couple grand in either direction by the end of the week. It’s extremely volatile in CA right now. In OR and WA prices are def closer to $4-$4.5.

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Ya.i now make hemp distillate and am licensed. It sells for 4500 right now. Lol and i’m learning to remediate it to get rid of the thc lol increases the value more lol the further from thc the more money I make #crazy

That’s the name of the game my friend. Better to not have THC in your CBD distillate for legal reasons as well.

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shoot where at in Oregon? id love to get my hands on that for that price lol