Price Drop, now $65/G (81.5%) THC-H and (88.1%) THC-B free overnight shipping

Good morning Future Fam,

THC-H and THC-B ready to ship, free overnight shipping.

THC-H 100$/gram
SA-220628-10218 MC Nutraceuticals THCH-062722.pdf (1.3 MB)

THC-B 100/gram
THCB-20220615.pdf (759.7 KB)

Thank you all!


What do you think the unknowns are @kcalabs ?

Fucking cool to see.


Can you describe the effects of these cannabinoids
I would be happy to guinea pig both for science if none have tried


Whats the feed stock? Coming from hemp?

My understanding is that the effects are very strong and similar to THC-P

Has anyone actually tried it yet?

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No chromatograms?


Do we know if it’s a full agonist, partial agonist?

I would prefer to avoid the ‘hangover’ that seems to come with THC-P


“The syntheses of THC-A, THC-B, or THC-C are all based on the condensation of olivetol (5-(n-amyl)-resorcinol) with a second component which forms the left-hand and center ring of the THC molecule. THC-A or THC-B are obtained from olivetol and one of the following; citral, (-)-verbenol, or (+)-p-2,8-menthadien-2-ol. THC-C is obtained from olivetol and (-)-2-carbethoxy-5-methylcyclohexane. The variants in each of the three series are obtained by replacing olivetol with a 5-(alkyl)-resorcinol in which the alkyl group is altered from n-amyl to one of the following;”

So are non hemp slangers allowed to sell this?

We need to have a discussion about noids that aren’t made from Hemp or Cannabis and sales rules here. @Future @sidco

Maybe a new section outside of hemp called synthesis outlet? Idk but just spitballing. Because customers should know what’s hemp. What’s cannabis. What’s science.

Also: since this isn’t Hemp. How do we expect the farm bill to protect us? If it was from hemp the price should be unreal.

This isn’t like d8 with 20% unknowns from cbd conversions. This is way different ballpark and human consumption experiences? Reviews. Consumption Testing? I am excited. Just also concerned for the lack of understanding from consumers.

I’m not saying it can’t be done from hemp. I’m saying the feed stock is readily available and financially to do every step of this and retaining “hemp feedstock” isn’t cheap. Yield wise. Labor wise. I don’t initially see this being feasible with a Hemp label attached.

Olivetol powder, also known as 5-pentylresorcinol or 5-pentyl-1,3-benzenediol, is an organic compound found in certain species of lichen; it is also a precursor in various syntheses of tetrahydrocannabinol. Readily available by the kg. Made By Lichens / Certain insects or very low yield conversion leftovers.

Citral is readily available by the kg.
Verbenol is readily available by the kg.

Preparation and Use of (-)-2-Carbethoxy 5-Methylcyclohexane

Chasing down (+)-p-2,8-menthadien-2-ol details…

Similar ingredients and methods for thcp* conversions

XD enjoy the spoons! Looking to learn more :relieved: and try


Also Citral is one of the most delicious molecules to ever occur in earth (lemonheads candy) and Verbenol is pretty damn gorgeous as well.

Surely there must be downsides to using these beauties ! If not this could be the next even bigger LHO lol (Rest in Peace to the great Horatio Delbert)


I’m curious to know as to how the buzz on these new compounds feel so if there is someone with the exp, shed some insightful light for some of us. :slight_smile:

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Not the molecules were talking about

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Thc b…

Definitely the same thcb.

Definitely talking about the same ballpark. Hence the silence.

Bug enzymes + lemon flavoring = lets get high

Thc b is the 4 carbon chain thc, thc b which you posted is when the acid is on the bottom of the molecule

Thc h is the 6 carbon chain thc

What you’re referencing is on the very right in the image below


All I’m seeing is more synthetic drugs to learn about.

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That paper is referring to making d6,d7,d8,d9,d10,d6a10a

They say thc a goes to thc b through ptsa

We all know what reaction that is


But yea these are for sure sythetic as no one has a source of this starting material from hemp

No different then all the thc p on the market IMO


I’ve seen it can be done. Just financially hell no.

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Always was under the impression shorthand for abnormal THCA was “THCA-B.”

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I’d be curious what the differences in pharmacology would be regarding THC B acid.
But theoretically the decarbed version would be exactly the same.

With C4 THC the effects probably will be more similar to THCV (C3 THC)

C4 is reported to be 3x as potent as regular thc, c6 is like 13 or 15, c7 is 33 or 36 in d9 form

Thc B was discovered a year before thc p by the same group who found thc p in the FM2