PRICE DROP 40-60% - Used & Refurbished Lab Equipment - Oregon

I’m clearing space! Biggest discounts i’ve given so far. 40-60%+ off items listed.

Julabo LH85 $5500!!!

Edwards E2M30 3PH (Freshly Rebuilt) $1750

Alcatel 2033 3PH (Freshly Rebuilt) $1500

MVP 6CFM w/gasket kit $5000

3x E2M40 PFPE Fromblin (one freshly rebuilt) $2600 (FOR ALL)

Buchi R-114 w/bath, distillation adapter & LOTS of spare parts (no other glass included) $700

Buchi R Parts ($150 for the lot)

Buchi F-305 Chiller $1000

Huber Unichiler UC060Tw 3PH $3800

C1D1 Switches $1100 (all of them)

Vacuum Pump Quiet Box $150

Dry Scroll Parts Pump $20

2x 12L Chemglass 45/50 Flask w/Drain $110/ea

2x Polyscience 7L Heater/Chillers $1000 & $1200

3x Large Centrifuges ($1000 for all 3!)

Heated Circulator & Heated Bath $150 for both!

Diaphragm Pump & non working rotary evaporator bath $50


Lauda RUK50 -50c 3PH Chiller $950 (supposedly working)

J-Kem gemini heating controllers $60/ea

Other heating controllers available even cheaper!

There’s things i’ve missed. Don’t hesitate to stop by. I’m making deals this week!!! COME CLEAR ME OUT!

Eugene, OR.

Can Palletize and ship freight.

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Would you do any better on the MVP pump

I can’t go any lower on the MVP. Someone local is coming through with $ for it in the next 24hrs or so.

is your place open to the public? id love to stop by and see what you got!

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Absolutely, bud. By appointment, in Eugene. Bring a grip of those panda spouts with you if you have them. I have customers that keep asking about 'em…


yeah i have a bunch! ill DM you my contact info, lets talk some shop next week sometime


Thanks for the interest everyone. The sale has ended. Prices for most items are back to original pricing.
Julabo LH85, 2x Alcatel 2033’s, 3x e2m40 pfpe fromblin, Huber Unichiller, 1x polyscience 7L chiller all sold.

If you hit my DM previously talking about a specific item, I might consider moving forward with the sale of you’re still interested.

Cool equipment

Do you still have the heated circulator units? How about the Polysci units? I would come pick up this weekend!

How low does the polyscience chiller go down to

The polyscience 6860 gets down to -10c.

If you come across any flash chromatograms holler at me! Whats up with the three centrifuges for a thousand bucks? I’m guessing they’re benchtop centrifuges not extraction centrifuges right?

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What vacuum pumps ??

Is the e2m30 still available?

The only items I have available right now are;
Thermo Haake Phoenix II CT90L 3PH 230v -90c 15L Recirc Chiller/Heater
Julabo FP50 220v 8L -50c
Buchi R300 Complete Roto
2x Parts MVP 6cfm pumps
Some 5L mantles and spd parts laying around

No pumps currently, though I have a stack of 6x e2m30’s that need their motors rewound. Those will be ready in about a month