Pressure vessels VS Ball jars for legal labs

Ok so I’m currently working with our fire chief who is a dumb fuck. He’s already tripping about n2 and where to store it for some reason. Doesn’t want us to use Pentane for anything. Now I’m worried about having to get a ton of pressure vessels if he’s not gonna let us use ball jars for diamonds. I haven’t brought it up yet and might just not say anything.
Who in here uses mason jars in their legal facility? I’m in CA, so I’d like to hear from people with type 7s and people in other states. Thanks.

I’m not from California, but our Fire Marshall here in Washington never asked. I’d honestly keep it to yourself. Trying to explain any of that to a Fire Marshall will surely be like pissing in the wind…


Ya sort of what I was thinking. Only way I got him to approve pentane to be in our facility is cause I eventually said I have to use it for cleaning certain things lol. He said it’s not safe to use in extraction…so ridiculous

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Is your fire marshal gonna come in and start asking you to open up jars? Don’t tell him you’re putting butane in there. Tell him it’s finished product that has already been off-gassed I’m the C1D1 area if he asks what’s in the oven.
My fire chief is super cool, but he has no idea what’s in my jars. If I asked him about jars with butane in the oven, not in C1D1 area, he would definitely say no. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this case. Just don’t blow up and you should be good.


Haha ya I’m definitely gonna start keeping my mouth shut as much as possible