Pressure vessel recovery tank for sell or trade ...I will trade straight up for small tank!

I have pressure tested and clean properly.

It’s an APC pressure vessel… Measures 2ft tall x 1ft.

Comes with all accessories except the piece to the hemispherical lid that’s still attached

Any questions just ask…

Sell or trade for smaller tank… Looking for something that hold about 3lbs tane max!! And fit in 5-10 gal cooler

If your looking for bigger tank but don’t have much money I’m your man

It fits in 10gal square cooler!

Also I’ll take $200 plus like$25 for shipping or trade for small tank!

does it have a dished bottom? we are finishing up a custom distillation unit and could probably use three of these

how heavy is the wall on these tanks?

It’s 316L idk if that tells u anything…i only have one at moment …and at that price that’s really just what I have in it
…not trying to make anything …i just want 6x 12 tank for me so I can handle a lil better

Dish bottom…im pretty sure…receseed bowl convex I think right word…even has the extra protruding part for dip tube to get everything

Let me know how to find out how thick walls are and I will…its pretty thick for sure

where are they located? can you send us some better pictures of the side walls

Yeah I’ll right back soon and I will…i only have one tank at moment for sell though

Get over on the side and take a picture from the bottom making sure I get the thickness of the side walls, correct?

Hey is that still available? And also does it have a dip tube? How much tane did you normally fit in there? I can get you the Bucks any which way you want.