Pressure oven

Hi, I am looking for a large oven that can be pressurized to make diamonds in. If anyone know where I can come across one please let me know. Thanks for all the valuable information that everyone shares on here. It’s greatly appreciated.

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The bhogart ones are fairly decent except they only go up to 150 f

You’d be extremely surprised to hear… You can pretty much do it in any oven. They don’t have to be specifically designed for it.


And really? Just like everything else they make, less than mediocre. I’m not a fan of nhogart


I tried to pressurize my vacuum oven but they are not made for that. They end up blowing the pressure out the front seal.


AI ovens or BVV?

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I have an AI oven here where I’m at. The seal on the door is designed to increase with vacuum.

Darn, I have AI and have been wanting try this

exactally my experience! bvv ovens here.

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How much pressure do you get to seal properly…u said bvv ovens will do this?

No, I said the oven seal popped off from positive pressure. How much pressure, I dont know it was an accident. I got distraced talking about something when I was backfilling an oven with n2.

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I set my compressor for 15psi and I would guess that around 10psi the front seal started to leak. At the end of the day the design is to keep air out not to hold it in.


Glad to see ya posting my brotha. Hope all is going good out there this weekend as i know your into a pretty serious project.

Id look into Cascade Tek. Ovens. @Sidco_Cat is a representative here for their oven and vacuum ovens. Id imagine you can get away with a forced air lab oven but im almost postive one of the selling points of Cascade’s gear is the ability to back fill with N2 safely.

Why dont you post some pictures of your tumblers for the people here to see. Im sure a lot of people here would love to see what you got going over there homie. Have a great day brotha! Talk soon~!

My bro, thanks for all the help. I will look into that company and their oven to see how they function. Everything is going good up this way besides the cold ass weather we are getting. We will be hooking up the new machine tomorrow and get to work with it. That’s why I’m looking for the pressure oven or if its more practical ordering a bunch of miners. I will find the proper place and upload some videos and pictures of the equipment.


You gonna be my first custy?

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Looks fancy. :100: what are the specs?


50 psi max working pressure. I wanted to do 150 but they called me back and said no way.

It has a cold trap on the left side with a drain port.

A vac port, nitrogen port, 4 high pressure sight glasses.

You need a heater chiller combo to get the best use of this system. I recommend the ad15 from polyscience.


Nice, is the most important spec DM only? :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: