Pressing Bubble Hash

Trying to dial in this press. (Flash Vape)
First tried squishing some flower and had decent results as far as color / nose / taste.
Now trying bubble hash and results are dark or immediately foaming up / buddering up as soon as it hits the air. Temps have not passed 200f and barely putting any pressure on the plates to avoid blowouts and etc. Just wondering if there is more of a trick to this or if the color is coming from my material. And advice helps.

I’m going to guess it’s the material. If you press dark hash you will get dark hash rosin. Even blonde hash will darken a little once you press it. The really nice colored, translucent fresh press comes from fresh frozen derived, freeze dried bubble hash or clean sift.

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I should have specified above. All my bubble hash is freeze dried. I’ve been trying to avoid running the hash I got from a fresh frozen run because everything has been coming out dark. Just been going down the rabbit hole with all the threads.

I’m gonna agree with @Badrabbi710, and up the anti. You went too hard when making bubble. So much of your “yield” isn’t actually trichomes. Pressing broken cells is going to yield more cellular contents…

What were you yields from flower to “bubble”?!

Have you looked at it under a ‘scope?

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Ran lowers / sugary trim from a fresh harvest total of 2.24lbs. After freeze drying total yield was 62g. About 6%. Have not looked under a scope.

6% seems high to me. There are definitely numbers to back that up posted around here.

So when you say going to hard on the bubble. Currently have a small wash machine hooked up to wash 5 min a time with water and ice. Same process 2-3 times.

not my gig. I disorient my girls with liquor. only ever made bubble from fan leaves…

why is the yield so bad?

how come it’s not full melt?

because you gave me ($&)@#((_)+@# fan leaves!!!

squishing machine trim will also give you nasty rosin.

edit: that’s my latest extraction rig I’m sitting in. can’t wait to bring her flowers and booze!

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when you say freezer dry gust throw it on freeze for few days or do you need a spacial freeze?? iv what few vid on YouTube end thy use special freezer?? i gust ran 100 pons of trime all in to hash freezer dry seams to be the why to go