Precision PX40 or Ironfist EX80?

Setting up a type 7…

looking to run 200# dry trim every 8 hours… Debating between the precision PX40 and the ironfist EX80… just wondering if anyone has any pros and cons towards either system…

Also looking to do CRC on whichever system is chosen so I’m looking for an easy way to incorporate it.

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Anybody have a good used Ironfist EX40 or EX80 for sale?

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Aaron equipment has a new ex40 they keep dropping the price on.

ran across is months ago. they appear to be drop shipping from iron fist?!?


I saw that one, wonder how low they will drop it. The pics on that one show different tanks.

they wanted $168k back in Nov!!!

pretty sure they emailed me in the last month or so with a lower number, but looks like I deleted it.

I see two pictures in the listing, and the tanks look to different between them…so I have no clue what Aaron is actually up to.

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Aaron Equipment and Fedequip both piss me the fuck off. Yes, I regularly look at their stock for equipment, because sometimes there are gems. But, they’re skeevy with the pricing, like this $35k used rotovap or this $750 used stainless steel table. When they give me ridiculous prices, I set monthly reminders to pester them like “hey, I noticed it still hasn’t sold…”

I believe they have a used VTA on there for essentially the same price new. They’re goobers.

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I’d get that iron fist any day over a janky precision


Not even a comparison. Iron fists are tanks

I personally like the custom shizz I see from NB Oler.


I haven’t seen his equipment operate in person yet. But it is extremely well built

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They still want $168k. F**k that! I have funds for a greatly cared for ex40 if anyone has one for sale?


Those things new are like 260~ with a chiller (which almost gets cold enough). Or is the ex 80 that price. Actually, that sounds about right. The pro refrigeration chiller is like 56k, then heaters and pumps and etc for the other 30k would be about right. So, for the steel, new, that’s about appropriate.

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He quoted me just steel ex40.

I talked to ProRefrigeration and that’s a good price for what you get.

EX80, on their site or their financiers site, shows base price of $230,000 before added options. 316SS, I would like the tanks, but with a bizzy sight glass and bowl on the bottom of the collections.


Both of them would be so mad at that. Ha Ha