Precision Extraction Solutions PX1, X10 MSE and Delta Separations CUP-15 For Sale!

Item: Precision Extraction Solutions PX1

Location: Oakland, CA

Price: $15,000

Just got done upgrading our lab and have a few items left for sale. The first one is our PX1. Check for details and if you have any questions, let me know.

System is Turnkey and ready!

How much for the cup-15

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Good morning. How many lbs can I process in a 10 hour day with the PX1. Also selling any ovens or chillers.

Text me

Would you take 10l for the PX1. I can take immediate

Tony 818-371-3400. Text me

Just please let me know one way or the other

Super interested. Ship to Minnesota?

You mentioned in your ad about a Delta Cup 15… was there one for sale.
Would be interested in more information.
Thanks Bob in AZ