Precision Extraction Solutions PX1 Collection ONLY

I have 2 brand new never used ASME certified PX1 collections for sale. Asking 5k each.

PX1 Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractor

Suitable for
Cannabis & Hemp

Butane & Propane

Cycle time
30-45 minutes*

Isolate/Sauce, Distillate, Vape Pens, Shatter, Wax/Sugar, Tincture and Edibles

Engineer peer reviewed

Would you take $3500 for one


Systems still available

Yes sir


Sent pm

still available?

Where are you located? Very interested

Will you take 4K?

Hello is this still available ? If so I am interested

Where you located?


Hello I am in vt

still available? ready to buy in CA

Yes it is.

they dont offer lots of info. How big is the collection and what kindof fittings are on it?

Do you have pictures of the actual units for sale?

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