Precision Extraction Booths

Does anyone have experience with the Precision EXP extraction booths? Online, it says their C1D1 booths only come with C1D2 LED lights; is this safe/compliant? I feel like we should probably have explosion proof C1D1 lights inside our booth. It also looks like Precision is just “middle man-ing” these booths from Global Finishing Solutions who call these booths “Paint Spray Booths”. Is HAL going to be my only option for safe/compliant extraction booths?


Depends on the local jurisdiction, some may let it pass and some may fail it.


You can do better. Good for you for catching the cheap attempt at tricking you and the inspector. This should tell you everything you need to know about that company and their concerns for your safety and your investment.


Technically it should be C1D1 lighting. They are Global booths, however I’m not sure if they have made any adjustments to them for extraction purposes. There are a lot of options out there besides Hal for compliant C1D1 rooms. Hope this helps!

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These have conduit running external on the booth to the light recepticals. And have vapor seals/caulking around the glass enclosure separating the lights from the booth itself.
They are vapor/liquid tight from the internal C1D1 classified space.

As built, they are C1D1 compliant, as there is a vapor/liquid seal from the unclassified electrical components running external from the classified c1d1 space.

No issues here, from a PE’s perspective, fire Marshall’s will approve with no issues.

My booths are similar to this style light design, but we offer full service installation and 1 year warranties on our booths.


Avoid precision if at all possible, worse after purchase support ive ever seen. Still waiting for a call from 2 yrs ago


We currently work with Advanced Extraction. You can browse all of the options here C1D1 BOOTHS - USA Lab Feel free to email with any questions and we’ll get them answered for you! Have a great day.


Thank you all, I am getting quotes from ETS, C1D1 Labs, and Mach Tech! I cannot thank you all enough for helping me/us (the community) stay safe and work with reputable suppliers.


The lights are contained outside the C1D1 enclosure. They do not need a C1D1 rating. Not a “cheap trick” as stated above.


podtronix makes nice booths


Advanced Extraction Labs was solid company I got booth from. Chris is the man.


Logic tells me you should be correct. This is kinda like those yellowish pelican C1D1 flashlights; but I have been told using logic with regulations and inspectors will get you in trouble lol! I asked Precision about this and they said according to NFPA, it is compliant. However after our legal team looked into this:

Luminaires, like that shown in Figure 6.6.1, that are attached to the walls or ceiling of a spray area; that are separated from the spray area by glass panels that meet the requirements of Section 5.6; and that are located within a Class I, Division 2; a Class I, Zone 2; a Class II, Division 2; or a Zone 22 location shall be suitable for such location. Such fixtures shall be serviced from outside the spray area.

Legal team interprets this as saying the lights are acceptable in a Class 1 Div. 2 area not C1D1.

Precision strikes again :laughing: (in my jurisdiction)

This seems like a bit of a cheap shot. I’m fairly certain that the EXP room underwent a technical peer review by professional engineers, the same as any other reputable booth maker.

Also, per OP, don’t they clearly say on their website that the lights are C1D2? Did OP actually talk to a Precision rep and voice those concerns? Clearly publishing the info on their website seems like a fairly ham-fisted way of “tricking” people. :man_shrugging:

HAL units are solid!! Personal assembling numerous C1D1 booths HAL units were very well designed and super easy to install. I really like how they include everything like the epoxy to seal the gaps or the electrical cement compound for conduit fittings ETC. Other Manufactures give you the bare essentials, I found myself making trip after trip to hardware store for things you would expect to come with your expensive purchase.
FlexMod was also great company and booth design before they went under.

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With all due respect, your legal team is incorrect. They need to take NFPA AND both into account.

NFPA Screenshot

If you look at the rest of NFPA 33, it clearly defines what areas in a spray booth are considered C1D1, C1D2, etc. What this clause is saying is that if the lights are constructed in a specific manner described in (which it is), it only has to be listed for C1D2 to be acceptable.


Moral of the story…

Trust engineers not lawyers when it comes to engineering code review.


That’s so they don’t have to help you when you get turned down by your fire marshal. Eyes wide open. Buying a C1D1 booth with C1D2 fixtures is silly.


Please refer to my other post regarding NFPA and how per code, it’s perfectly acceptable to use C1D2 lights and maintain safety.

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I appreciate your insight and expertise. You sound like just the guy someone would need to call if it wasn’t approved by the AHJ.

Thank you for the clarification.


I got delayed several weeks due to the lights not being C1D1 on my precision hood.
Anyone who says code is going to trump your local fire Marshalls whim obviously never been on the receiving end from local fire marshals during buildouts. I have in several states and just last week I got a large plastic tray to stick a tiny 5 liter rotovap in that is already inside a labconco fume hood. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t in the code or required, the fire marshal wants it in a big bus tray so that’s what you got to do if you want to get his sign off
Back you the precision hood:
Cons: No purge button, no status screen, poor support, far less intelligent order of operations for to lack of an actual UI
Pros are it’s very large and the ventilation can’t be turned off with a switch.
My favorite hood I operate in is likely a Hal booth.

If I were going to built a C1D1 I wouldn’t buy a hood at all. I would find an engineer and electrician worth their shit and build a C1D1 room.
My $.02