Practical use for heads fraction from SPD?

Hey guys, we have been running a short path for 6 months or so now and to be perfectly honest, I am at a loss for what to do with my heads fractions? We have been stacking them up pretty steadily and at this point I need to either try and redistill to get whatever cannabinoids are left or just say screw it and toss them?

Some of the earlier heads fractions we pulled are a little bit thicker, but the vast majority are fairly low in viscosity, so I’m worried I’m gonna spend all day pulling out garbage juice to get maybe 30-50g of distillate at the end. I can take some pictures/videos of me swirling the jars tomorrow if that would be helpful in advising a use!

Use a seperatory funnel. Add heads. Let settled into layers. The disty should be heavier and settle on bottom.

Collect the disty, toss out the rest. The test should be residual solvent, h20, and terps.


Sweet just got a new Sep funnel the other day, I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow and update with results.

Dont quote me on that yet. I’m shooting from the hip, but in my mind, and looking at my heads flask, the mains do settle 9n the bottom, and 2 maybe 3 layers have settled.

Sounds like you’re on to something maybe add a lil hexane and water

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If you’re cranking it out id just save it up for later if you ever get around to it. That’s what I’ve done. The cannabinoids I have gotten back aren’t substantial enough to warrant an sop on my heads and my time is better spent rolling on through my runs. But id save em, and consider it a rainy day fund. Personally I only pull a few grams of heads usually


Lighter fluid

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That was pretty much my rationale thus far. Been super hectic today so I haven’t gotten a chance to try the sep funnel on the more mixed heads fractions but will update later with results.

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i bet that smells great on the grill , ill begin here by just starting these coals with lobster trash… I can only imagine the cooking show!


I spilled my head flask on my hand while dumping. It was rank, and didnt go away for at least 7 days.

Lighter fluid would be my extreme last resort. Might as well just dig a hole and bury it.

you could, but before you dirty a sep funnel, you can just decant/ refrigerate and decant/ freeze and decant.


definitely decant (like I said above) and redistill. if its not enough to justify it, then build up more. ive had loads of people pull kilos out of something they were gonna toss.

it could then use a LLE and redistill if its particularly nasty

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If anyone has a relatively pure azulene fractions I’ll buy it!!

Man early on we had a few runs that were super heavy in azulene. I think I still have a couple of those fractions hiding in the fridge somewhere. It’s kinda nice when you get a little bit then it yellows out again because then you get a nice brilliant emerald green heads flask.

This is good info. In my experience the terpenes are super saturated and usually cannot dissolve the cannabinoids much anymore and stay in separate layers.

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How’d you use it?

@Jiggymatic We want to infuse it into our cannawax lip balm

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