Potential lab manager position Medford OR

I work for a hemp processing company in southern Oregon just outside Medford. We’re interested in potentially hiring a lab director to help with the build out and management of a newer, larger facility who has experience with large scale ethanol extraction and wiped film distillation. End product is bull cbd distillate. We’re currently operating in a smaller capacity and the new facility is still in the early stages of planning. Current throughput is 700-1,000 pounds a week through a cup15. A chemistry degree would be desirable, but provable experience in the field is most important. Not looking to hire someone immediately, more interested in finding the right person.


That’s an impressive volume for the cup15! I work with a small group of consultants, collectively we can offer help with scaling your operation if you are interested.

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I have a degree in chemistry and I am currently a PhD candidate in organic chemistry. I work as a consultant in Industrial hemp processing. Message me if you care to chat.