Post Unverified Cannabinoids for sale here, get banned

Hemp products can be advertised here:


To get verified

THC products can be advertised here:

No more excuses. If you are caught posting any cannabinoids here, instant ban. If you can’t follow simple directions, you are not worthy of being verified here.

Anything else legal is fair game, please properly subcategorize your listings. Community, please flag any classified posts outside of this rule set.


Hello please i just registered i will like to know how to become a verified seller of cbd isolate powder on your website.


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Help me out here , when you say posting cannabinoids what exactly does that mean.?
What about my slabs of cbda shatter is that ok ? …

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Please post those in the hempire section


I am selling a piece of distillation equipment. How do I post this?

How do I get in contact to get verified? How do I IM or message on this site?

how is everybody…i would love to become verified…

Is advertising something as free allowed for non-verified members? Like free cannabis clones.

Trust all is well.
We sent in payment and COA some time ago (4 weeks+) for product.
Havent heard back on verification.
please advise,

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Your trying for Level 2/3? It shows you’re a verified hemp slanger.

How to access the VLH section, do I need to visit via Tor or something?

I wanted to post a request for some distillate from someone in my state but i can’t post and the verification link is busted.

So now what?

Is there an updated verification link?

Ill go ahead an update the link in @Future post as well