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i would advise you not to do that here until you get your hemp slanger badge…

otherwise theres a million hemp cbd delta 8 facebook groups…

try twitter and instagram with a bunch of hashtags relating to your product.

finally get a celebrity stoner to promote it on their social media. just reach out to Uncle Snoop haha


How do you define “fake”?

Either they are channels, with members, or they are not.

Have you joined them and found the content non-useful? Found the number of subscribers to be inflated?

Given your experience with “fake” channels, how would yours be better?

Scammer channels, you pay and never get anything or blocked

edit: angry for no reason


Bots bots bots bots bots bots bots bots

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If you are promoting your own hemp in this channel I would advertize on linkedin or reddit and show why your hemp and the telegram channel to access it will make the purchasing process better. I would touch on why it is helpful as there are already so many ways to buy hemp. No one is gonna change unless there is some utility that makes your channel better than current purchase methods.