Possession Limits Pre & Post Legalization In Your State??

Can anyone let me know what your states possession limits were before legalization and post. Just landed myself in a jam but in a state that is about to legalize within next yr or so… As I’m searching penalties in neighboring legal states it seems that my charges hold little to no real jail time and for sure no felonies. Can someone help calm a guys nerves and share how your state dealt with things differently after legalization?

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These guys are usually pretty up to date on their information.


Best of luck in your situation. Been there, done that, plead no contest and took an 18 month plea in abeyance for criminal mischief instead of possession and paraphernalia.

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Make sure to research the specific city and county. In Wisconsin, individual counties and cities have decriminalized simple possession on a first offense.

Thanks guys… I’m really looking to hear how other states have down graded their penalties, NormL doesn’t show previous penalties. My hope is my state will lower the penalties when/if we legalize this yr and my case won’t mean much… High hopes lol. So I’m curious how far other states down graded their charges.

This information could possibly help my case by showing that charging me as a felon will ultimately mean wasted tax payer funds as the certainty of legalization is upon us. To charge a person with something that will eventually mean expunged records. I feel I need to push this fact.

What state are you in? Maybe that will get you a more specific answer to the surrounding state part of your question.

Go over your arrest report and look at every detail. I got pulled over with 2 pipes in my car and exactly 1.75g that I just picked up. The arrest report stated that I had one pipe and 1.20g. The piggly wigglies smoked a bowl and falsified documents. With my admission that I had just been “gifted” the half eighth and knew its exact weight, my attorney was able to get the p&p reduced to the criminal mischief before we ever entered the courtroom. Don’t give up!

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone in Massachusetts about how your state downgraded penalties after legalization. Did the expungement rule come with legalization or was it a bill that needed to be passed post legalization?

In michigan marijuana has been legal for a year now. They have been talking about expongement for 6 months now. That idea was not introduced for quite a few months and I dont believe it has been put through. They also said its for misdemeanor charges like minor possession. If you got caught with a LB or anything above the limit they are going to allow legally get a lawyer. Hell, get a lawyer anyways. Before legalization here if you committed a misdemeanor marijuana offense you get probation for a year, monthly/weekly drops and upwards of $1000 in fines. Did I mention get a lawyer?

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Your state seems to be looking to go a different way with they’re new reform law, it includes expunging other crimes besides marijuana. Though they do mention eliminating certain felony records for some so your right if my state acts like MI, I’m looking at a few yrs before I’d be eligible to have charges removed. Luckily our governor has mentioned he is trying to include the expungement rule with legalization. He is claiming people of color have been disproportionately effected by these laws and it’s the way to right that wrong.

Hey, I’m just looking for some hope here. I’m fully aware the next little while is going to suck big time!

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Here in Texas there is only one licensed dispensary in between San Antonio and Austin. They only take epilepsy patients. They only have Texas grown low thc high cbd oil.

We have tons of CBD however. Gas stations to laundromats sell it.

As far as THC Marijuana goes: holding a QP or less gives you about a $1000 fine maybe book and release.

Having a single thc cartridge or cbd cart / LB of hemp flower can have you in jail for a month while they wait on lab results if you don’t post bail. Cops here aren’t lenient.

I’ll let ya know when pigs fly

In Washington, before legalization, we had wide spread, easily accessible medical cannabis. With my card, I was allowed to hold my 60 day supply of 24oz, plus I could grow my own.

Now, after legalization, medical is all but gone. Legalization means I’m not allowed to grow my own anymore, and now my limit is an oz of flower purchased at one time. You could technically have more than one oz, I think, but you then run the risk of getting hit with an Intent to Distribute charge…

Legalization made cannabis worse in Washington


Legalization ruined cannabis for everyone in WA except your basic bitch stoners. Its fucking terrible here.

It’s like moonshine was…only my still is stainless and there is hydrocarbon distillation taking place.

My best friend of 25 years has stage 4 liver cancer and would only have rec shit available to him at an insane price. Because of black market medical in WA…me…he has CBD/THC tinctures, salves, cartridges, oil, and some D8 cartridges…for free…because he’s dying. Legalization in WA took cannabis out of our hands, made us criminals, and put cannabis in the hands of people with money.

Fuck legalization of cannabis. How about we decriminalize life…that would be nice…actual freedom or bust.

Edit - sorry…I get fired up and rant


Thanks for the replies guys and sorry you don’t have it better. I’m charged with possession so I’m praying the penalties get down graded before my sentencing in hopes I don’t have to sit to long in one of these hell holes. I look at my neighboring states and some of them don’t have felonies on the books for poss, so I hope and pray!..

Some interesting facts…

I looked up my arresting officer and he makes more than the Governor!

Local jails in my state cost $500-$995 per day to house inmates.

We didn’t legalize last yr due to counties wanting too big of a piece of the tax share!

Snitches are REAL!

It’s kind of your/our civic duty to do just that,. If you believe in America and liberty and shit like that.


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My friend…the level of freedom I experience in life is that gifted to me by creation.

When your actions affect no one negatively, when the “victim” is the state or society, when your ability to live your life your way is not allowed… choose freedom and do what you please.

I’ve been removed from schools as a kid. I’ve been locked up as an adult in jails and institutions. From the beginning society said fit in this box…I said fuck your box…I do what I want.


This is why I live out in the woods. Come say hello some time :call_me_hand:t3:


It is also why I live in the woods. The woods allows me to be me, and live in a productive way that I choose, while trying to live in harmony with my nature and my surroundings.

I will come say hi. Life is crazy right now, but in a few months i will have a little free time. I intend to come out there, or cross paths at some point. We have too much in common to not meet each other lol.


Sorry not sorry​:metal::metal:


Same. The summer is nicer out here anyways

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Since Late fall of this year I can’t find anything to smoke with any THC. So I guess if you get the cops to test your $20 gram of Cherry Wine they’ll just laugh at you and let you go.

Can I ask what keeps you guys in Washington? I don’t know much about anything WA but did look up NormL and jeez you ain’t kidding.

Is licensing reasonably acquired?

I’m kicking myself in the ass for not being more serious on getting to a better state. There have been a bunch of states handing out licensing in the past yr or two and I’m sitting here with almost zero control of my future.