Pope vs VTA vs Helderpad vs Hemptech/Chemtech????

Preparing our CBD processing facility equipment list. We are going with two Capna’s Ethos-6 and FFE setup while we wait for our Atles. We have been doing SPD at our THC processing facility, and know that we will need WAY more capacity and automation to get where we need to be to support our contracts.

Looking at two stage hybrid platforms that are capable of 6L/hr throughput. Trying to get a handle on the options out there; Pope vs VTA vs Helderpad vs Hemptech/Chemtech

Any feedback on; Performance, Accuracy, Reliability, and Service/Support would be appreciated!

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I assume you’ve read what we’ve got lying around here on the subject.


There’s a little bit of comparative stuff in there as I recall. I liked the stainless KT-6 I got to play with last month, but I gotta say, glass makes it sooo much easier when you’re learning.

Thanks @cyclopath! I have read some but not all. Just got excited about our next adventure.

I’ll do my homework, and come back with some more detailed and relevant questions.

Why the KT-6, if you don’t mind me asking? We are thinking 10 or 30.

just what was there when I walked in the door. wasn’t my responsibility. but I got to play a little. seemed to do a great job, but when it wasn’t behaving, troubleshooting seemed considerably more difficult than one in my favorite color (see-through :wink: )

I can’t see going any smaller, but do prefer scaling using a parallel strategy when it’s cost effective.

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