Pope vs. VTA in regard to feeding


Hi guys,

i have a question regarding the feeding of short path stills.

Can be an issue that small Pope has no pump for feeding to wiper? Is vacuum nicely sucking the feed ? I presume the additional heating of the pipes resolves all problems.

Also on disharging side …any issues with destilation without pumps on discharge side ?

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I have ran a pope without a feeding pump. I have never worked with one that does have a feeding pump. The oil will flow into the system when you slightly open the feeding flask knob. You will need a good vacuum to run the distillation regardless. I like to allow it run a steady drip…drip and not a stream when distilling. If you are doing a quick de-solvation pass to remove volatiles you can run it faster for this step ( note the cannabnoids will drop out the “waste” flask on the right when facing it so make sure you set a large enough flask for your run on both sides. Then pour the main collection back into the feeding flask for a slower distillation pass. This should help you achieve deeper vacuum on the actual cannabinoid distillation . During distillation you should check the system every 30 minutes or so to see if your drip needs and adjustment and check your parameters. Hope this helps.



You don’t need a feeding pump for small distillation unit. You will be there watching anyway.
The gear pump for feeding and collecting is very expensive, and the cheapest one i can find is 6000 each.
So unless you run a stainless steel model, which make you impossible to see the drop rate, you don’t need a gear pump.
There is a beneficial for having one. I found that the vacuum in my wipe film will slowly turn off my feeding valve. So I have to got something to hold the valve for static feeding.
DM me if you have any question regard wipe film. I set up may make and model in the pass.

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Hi, thnx for the info…appreciated.
We are looking into potential problems being without pump. As we are setting up in GMP enviroment, the cleaning of the pumps can be a big pain in the ass…it is controllable feed rate but…a big but… :slight_smile:



Thnx for the feedback, much appreciated.

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Yep, cleaning is always the hardest part.
I suggest you get a connector with a control valve for the collecting flask. You can switch out the full one without breaking the vacuum.
Here is a picture from Hydrion Scientific. I saw they put this as a option on quote before.



@Lilibel can hook you up with a kit specifically for a feeding a Pope. If you want to DIY it, I like the Masterflex peristaltic.



The best combination is both gravity AND a gear pump!

VTA pumps the feed UP to the degassing arm and small Popes without gear pumps are batch to batch, and not continuous feed. It has nothing to do with glass versus steel.

Check out Prescott Logic. We have upped the game with cannabis distillation.