Popcornin. Odd Growth Patterns

? for Canna grow artists. What’s it called when the flower starts to bud on top of bud creating like it’s own little tower. Almost like little hair Dreads in all directions. Lil Coolio’s😂. We used to call it popcornin. But there’s a name for it? I hated it. Is it normal? Salute all the grow artists!! Mad Respect!!
Is it light stress?:woman_shrugging:t3: It can happen under cool conditions as well. Asking because in the future I might grow some personal legally. Happy Halloween to all artists and canna workers!! Enjoy!! Thank You!!


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Foxtailing is the term you’re looking for.

High PPFD can definitely cause it. Some strains are more prone than others.

Popcorn usually refers to the lower buds that didn’t develop as much.


“Fox tailing” is the term.


Thank You my friend!!! I can remember the term now!!!

Thank you my friend!!!

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its when you have seeds in the joint and they POP! JK, another cause of foxtailng is using lots of co2 past midflower.

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