POLYSCIENCE - Refridgerated Chiller AD15R-40 (2 units)

Item Model/Manufacturer: PolyScience
Description: https://www.polyscience.com/products/circulating-baths/refrigeratedheated-circulating-baths/refrigerated-circulator-15-liter-ad-40-c
Price: $8000
Current location of item: Las Vegas, NV
Estimated lead time: 3 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: N/A

Two lightly used PolyScience Refrigerated Circulators 15L, AD, -40°C.

Specs - AD15R-40.pdf (13.7 MB)

please just make one thread for everything

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Hey PDX - thank you for reaching out.

I have tried this before and the posts gain minimal attraction and specific equipment is difficult to highlight. Is this against community guidelines?

I assume you mean $4000 each? These aren’t worth $8000 if they were brand new.

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Well said, would be lucky to get 1k a piece for them. GL!

Correct - $4k/unit

Interesting, not one unit on the entire internet was priced this low. Happy to drop price if you can reference where one brand new unit and other used less than 1 week are sold for this. If this is market price, happy to let them go.

Not shit threading, just giving you honest realistic price and expectations. Gl on your sale.