Pollinator frequency for increased terpenes?

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States that pollinators such as bees create a frequency with their wings that increase sweetness in some fruits. I’m wondering if anyone has tried this to increase terpenes on buds or if this experiment only works for fruit plants?

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I wore this last year and think I noticed more flavorful flowers.


I thought I was the only one…



Imo, terpenes production is a genetic and environment thing. Not a vibration of frequency thing.

Add supplemental uva/b to your grow at specific times, and you’ll boost trichs.


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how about a little more sugar first?

cannabis is wind pollenated. Cannabinoids are most likely UV protectants (the air is thinner in them thar hills). the buzz it gives you may be it’s trick for spreading itself around.


Bruh I put crystals in my soil and swear to you :joy: I can’t even finish this


Reason why growing at higher elevations trumps grows at seal level


I don’t know about the vibration from the wings but I do think that plants produce terpenes in response to insects, so as to deter them or attract others to mitigate another issue. How we can manipulate this phenomenon for higher terp content is totally beyond me


If that’s true (insect part), 50% of the crap growers with spider mites, aphids, broad mites, white flies, etc, would be killing it in terp production.



It’s not really an “if” that’s true as it’s widely known that many terpenes signal insects to be attracted or repelled. The question is how we can use this information to manipulate the plants to be better at it. Geraniol for example attracts bees because it is the same chemical produced in sweat glands that bees use to tag flowering plants. Inversely, Limonene kills tons of pests if they try to feed on the plant. Farnesene is the chemical that aphids release when they die to warn other aphids. Caryophyllene is also a pheromone in female ladybugs. Cannabis produces all four of these terpenes. Terpenes do more than just smell pretty.

I think that’s why these pests are the ones that are issues. Maybe they do not possess natural biological mechanisms to deter those types which allows infestations. Perhaps aphids are such a huge issue because farnesene is not a major terpene in most common genetics. Alternatively, our strains do still have tons of caryophyllene which outside may help to attract more lady bugs to eat aphids but this mechanism does not work indoors. Again, how we can manipulate these mechanisms to produce more terpenes is beyond me. I’m just connecting the dots. Perhaps someone else will think of the next step.


Agreed. I’d love to do a greenhouse grow in the mountains near my house which top out at like 13,000 feet. The gas bill would be a beast.

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Actually it does… foliar ur plants with insect frass and ur plants will be terpier, also they love rock/rap/metal/classical music.
Could probaly play a sound clip of leaves being munched by an insect when spraying the frass

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I swapped from hps to cmh amd WOW the trich coverage now is insane!

I use t9 bulbs. Single glass jacket to allow more uvb to pads to the plants.

extract of bug dicks for the win?!?


If these fly by night gimmicks really worked don’t ya think every greenhouse grower would have one?? Theirs an saying that goes hell it looks good on paper. However don’t take my word just plop down several thousand dollars on this gimmick and judge for yourselves :cowboy_hat_face:

I used to work for a grower that had the $3,700 DL-9000 unit. The location with that unit constantly had pest issues even though that thing was always on :roll_eyes: and they couldn’t ever break through 20% THC. A few miles down the road at the garden I was in charge of (where I didn’t allow any of that kind of crap through the front door) I had an efficient and successful garden that would hit 25%-30% frequently with solid yields. Maybe this company has its fingers in other markets; I wonder if the “subsonic harmonic emission” actually attracts bugs if it even produces a frequency at all :man_shrugging:


Use geothermal heat pumps for high efficiency

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