plastic taste in ceramic carts

I got some CO2-full-spectrum-extract in very good quality but very very thick. barely moving in a jar at room temp (20°C).

Now I filled it some ccell-carts (I think they’re fake but good) and everything worked out fine.
Now i took the same product and put it in newer carts. Result: terrible. They taste like plastic after 2-3 puffs. I got them from ECAP (China). It’s the CL2 model and first they made a really good impression. When I tried them before only with VG inside they worked well.
Now I have the good extract in shitty carts, or did I do something wrong?

Procedure (which I have been doing several times without any problems):

  • heat extract
  • pull in syringe
  • heat carts a little with warm fan
  • fill in warm extract
  • wait till everythings cools down for about 5-10 minutes
  • close carts

sounds like they are the wrong (too low) resistance for the batteries you’re using them on. that will make them run hot, and burn your oil.

either that or they came with added fun from the factory (were primed with who knows what??)

can you compare the resistance between the ones that worked and the ones that don’t? should be in the 1.2 to 1.8ohm range. that might even be the split you’re looking at…


Seems to me like it’s just too viscous for those carts. Your initial 1-3 hits are fine because the oil has wicked into the atomizer. After you clear the atomizer the oil is too viscous to re-wick and fill the atomizer again before your next pull. A hit from an empty atomizer will always taste like burnt plastic.


I kept trying to not use CCell’s, but I’ve learned my lesson and now I just take the hit and pay for the quality. I’m tired of fucking around with other carts/manufacturers.

CCells still have minor problems, imo, but they still work a lot better than all the others I have tried.

I have ruined product by blowing my heat gun directly on distillate. Literally tasted like plastic. The smell of the heat gun was what I was tasting. Good luck.

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I ordered the batterys with the carts from the same supplier. I asked if they will run together and they ensured me they’ll fit!

The resistance seems to be quite ok, only litte variety.

But the best comes now: When I wrote this post the carts tasted ugly. Then, 4-6 days later i tested the burnd taste cart again. Nothing. No bad taste, all as it supposed to be.
I changed the batteries, more or less power but no changes, everything is ok now. How is this possible? I thought if they taste bad ther’re done but I was wrong - obviously ^^

Ideas anyone?

But how can a ceramic atomizer taste like plastic? There is not even plastic anywhere in the whole cart…

Yeah, constant quality is the most important thing in the long run. If you calculate all the garbage carts and the lost money you should’ve bought the good ones from beginning on…

So there is no middle between really good and shit?

If you are running super thick distillate, ccell does work best. If you are cutting with MCT, you can use cheaper carts.

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Took a couple of days for the bubbles to work their way out.??

Too hot & dry both taste like hell.