Plastic in our salt

HI community! I was browsing the “tube of you”
When I came across this interesting video. Are You Seasoning Your Food With Microplastics? (You Totally Are) - YouTube
It seems like microplastics are now found in salt.
I use quite a bit of salt in brine washing. This led me to think, am I introducing contamination with this practice? Some of the plastics they mentioned can be used with solvents, but exposure to heat by distilling cannibinoids that were contaminated could lead to cracking of the plastic molicules. That’s my $.02, what do you guys and gals think?

From what I got out of the Nature article they referenced, don’t buy salt from other countries? Particularly Malaysia.

Spend the extra few bucks and get something formulated?

shrug I don’t brine wash…


I’m using lab grade 99.9% NaCl for brine washes, not table salt or sea salt. It is refined, so I doubt there is much, if any, contamination. Now that Celtic Sea Salt I put on my zucchini might be contaminated.