Plant spacing, watering and fertilizer

Does anyone know of a study or guide on hemp growing. I have seen anywhere from 2-8k seeds per acre. Why and what were the results. I have heard smaller spacing may result in branches that aren’t so damn big it destroys your equipment. Looking for an overall guide on watering, fertilizer and harvest techniques.

I know it’s a lot of info but if know something about something let me know.


What are you growing the hemp for?

Seeds/hemp oil?


We put a little less than two thousand clones per acre on 48-inch rows… You’ll know when it needs water don’t overwater it

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We’re doing hemp for oil. Going full bore in 2020. This year is testing different spacing to see what works best with our area. We’re in southeast Washington. Our processing plant will be doing mostly tolling this year.

That’s not many. Was that a budget decision or for a specific reason? Are you concerned at all the stems will get too thick?

We’ve only grown boax the stalk was as big as your arm but the plant never got over about 5 foot high and filled in the entire 20 sqft with branches

Those are good looking plants. Can’t wait til we get some of our own. Are you processing as well.

Yea was slow selling this past winter so we started extracting