Pinnacle SRS 100

Pinnacle SRS100. Comes with
Steam generator and chiller.
This is a turnkey system
Unit in Montana
7 day lead time on P/U
Delivery available
As is but unit never saw a production run.

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Have t heard much of this company lately.

Are they still in business?

Pinnacle and ETS merged. I think Zach is on this forum.

The website doesn’t load. They ghost

Pinnacle has not ghosted, it is operated by ETS. Feel free to call them for any needs regarding equipment.

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What heater and chiller are paired with these standard?

If standard it’s the following.

Heater - Sussman ES36 Electric Boiler 36kW

Chiller - MTA 081 - 7.5tons

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Edit: I’m told I will receive the money this week.

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Not a scammer bro. Just had an issue last week with scammers and my bank. Paying your deposit shortly.

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whats the asking price and through put?

Not out to trash you or your reputation. I’ll edit my original post once it clears :call_me_hand:t3:

Dude what u want for the SRS?