Pink and Purple


Can you distill with all the colors of the wind?

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Working on it

Very curious? I’ve heard that THGV has a purple tint when purified? Or is this all about pH?

My question exactly… it is all PH?

White balance is off so it is hard to convince you guys how pink this really is. But compared to the champange pinks i have been getting lately, this is out there. 1 more day in the oven and i will try to get yall better photos.
The foam when i sprayed was light purple.

How are you guys getting water clear distillation im super jelly

A whole lot of time, energy, patience…and a good chemical supplier.

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Cool cool thank you, ive tried making water clear a few different ways a few different people have told me about and it n just hasn’t worked. Obviously it isn’t easy to do otherwise everyone would be doing it or I at least assume it’s not fairly easy.

Hit the search bar with “liquid-liquid extraction”. I’ll tell ya this much, if you want to do it right, you need a reactor.

Also check out “acid-base extraction” on google.

Very very basic explanation, Mix first pass disty with heptane (1:1 to 2:1 heptane:disty), Make 3-5% brine water (NaCl works fine), create three volumes of the brine water.

Make one basic, make one acidic and keep one neutral. Wash with the basic volume, wash with the acidic volume, wash with the neutral volume until the water comes out at neutral pH.

Dry the heptane fraction by passing over something like a dessicant or anhydrous salt.


Even the slightest pH issue and it’ll come out purple or pink.


Ph swing brine washes on 1st pass distillate followed by 2nd pass should reliably yield water clear distillate.

How long your extract spends in the boiling flask is another factor to consider. Goes without saying the bigger your pump is, the lower the residence time in the boiling flask.


If u don’t sound clueless he will even answer some questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do your first pass then you carbon scrub run it through silica filtration do water washes with baking soda to remove color and then washes with distilled water. Chromatography filtration back in tour reactor to water wash more for your p.h to get to about 5.0 5.5 rotovap and then distille.

If you need help let me know I got you

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I can help you with it super easy. Let me know what your starting material is

All it is is different p.h levels of your distillate

Preaching to the wrong guy. Lol.

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those Pink slabs are my favorite they look so exotic