Pikes/Longs Peak rosin press

Hey guys, I’m looking into a nice press for high quality hash rosin, diamonds/sauce, etc… in a production setting. I’m hoping for some reviews or suggestions on equipment. I’ve only used a harbor freight press setup, but I’m looking for something more consistent with more control.

Has anyone used the Longs Peak and have feedback? Or are there other options that have the same bells/whistles (automated pressure control, etc…)?

Thank you.


im getting one soon, anything you’ve learned since your first post? any recipes youve plugged in?

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I got a Helix pro in just recently I love it. All the data it gives you and recipe making/ logging allows you to get to know your machine really well and produce good products quickly and consistently. Im sure these are fantastic if pnumatic is what you want

I run a pikes peak on the daily. I have been pressing dry sift for the most part and am just now getting into hash rosin. Most of my work gets done in the 160-170 range and I run the same pressure ramp for all products. 10, 20, 40, 80 psi for 15sec 100 psi for 60 sec.120psi for 180sec. From 80 to 100 psi I ramp 2 psi at a time every couple seconds to get to 120.


I got some tips and tricks now. If you run manual mode you can use the osha’s yellow paddles to raise and lower the plate so you get it exactly where you want it without having to stop the recipe to get it proper. You can then keep going manual or switch to q recipe because your bag isnt going anywhere at that point

I just picked up the Helix Pro also. Super excited and interested in pressing dry sift.

Any tips/tricks on dry sift? For example, like separating and grading dry sift? Are you guys using a tumbler? 150u? Are you using static tech from there?

Sounds like you’ve got some reading to do

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Fire Rosin lol


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@midsfactory was already taken

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@lefties.cannabis you should reach out to @Hansel he knows a lot about pressing dry sift (among other things)

@Mugatu It’s not actually a quote if you modify it.

It has nothing to do with what I smoke, rosin sells for significantly more here than most BHO. I have retailers requesting it.

Thanks for the reference. Will reach out.

No problem! He knows what he is doing. Lots of successful Solventless consults under his belt…

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I just got my long peak set up and man on man is it great. I got the fully automated one and honestly couldn’t be happier. it’s super easy to use, extreamy consistent and basically set it and forget it.

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Get some sift screens to separate grade or lowest miron screen and double bag and press. Low and stupid slow