Hey guys this is my first post here, and i am glad to be a part of a community with such knowledgeable users.
Moving along i’ve began sifting through the wealth of information and teks available both here and online. i have a few questions and was wondering if any of the more knowledgeable users could help out ? i’ve scoured with the search button and come up with the same answers, or am guided into a neverending circle. i would like to know which or if both are correct.

A. i have read users running their solvent through the material, then taking the resulting solution and just tossing it in a mason jar for a few weeks under 75 F - 80 F. (would blasting a second run over the first result in a more saturated solution,thus creating more desirable conditions for diamond formation ?)
.b could one simply blast into a mason jar, and after evaporating most of the solvent off, just cap, set and forget ?

B. a second method I’ve come across was online and was a bit more advanced in wording than set-up.

i cant post links but a google patent US20170008870A1.pdf

pretty much the solvent is run through the material, but then has to be de-waxed ? and left to chill in extreme cold (- 40 c) for an hour up to 196 hours and the resulting precipitate is the THC-A crashing out of the solution ?

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