piecing together extraction booth from paint booth and components

have any of you sourced all the material for an extraction booth that was approved compliant? im trying to save some money and avoid buying a pre built extraction booth. they seem over priced and im hoping there is an alternative. thanks for any advice.

Nothing you make yourself is going to be deemed compliant.

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To do this 1) find the specifications met by an approved booth you want to mimic. 2) read that spec and see if this is a worthwhile endeavor to mimic 3) check your local ordinance and see if they require the booth to be “certified” or “compliant”. Compliant means you can make it yourself, you just have to demonstrate it meets the requirements. Certified means an independent lab has put their stamp of approval on it. That can get very expensive to do.

Broadly speaking the explosion proof booth has explosion proof rated components, can contain a blast of a rated size and ventilates at higher rates when anomalies are detected or occur.