Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



I like that take off valve. That may be what I need to complete my mini system. I could go right after that to a bellow to that cold trap to the pump.


The 3 way adapter is the in and out cold trap goes on top, valve goes to the front and recovering flask below


Damn! All that for $700, that’s a hell of a deal! @Roguelab Thanks for that suggestion. I think I’ll put one of those gauges just after the condenser and the bullseye after the cold trap. @Poizzin If you use that adapter, I would seriously consider putting a PTFE bellow in between the steel and glass. The steel is going to expand faster and much more than the glass under heat, and I would imagine that would put you at risk for cracking your glass.

@Dred_pirate Would going with K25 all the way around be a bad call for a 2L setup? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the measurement of these adapters, but k25 is larger than k16, right? Or is it measured in gauge rather than mm?


KF25 is bigger that KF16. KF40 is bigger than them both. @coppertop Where else on a shortpath can you add kf25 except the vacuum after the trap.


Yes ptfe would be preferred, I have found those also for about the same price. If I could get some drawings, I can get made cheaper, I just haven’t looked for them yet.


For what he has, going from the cow to a cold trap, cold trap to pump. I suppose it doesn’t matter, really. Bigger bore would have better vac. I just thought it would work well for his situation. Probably easier to go kf25, parts are easier to source.

@Soxhlet would you be able to make the plugs with ptfe. I would already be interested in a few, out the gate


I was thinking to use those GL to KF adapters from LS and connecting a KF25 hose from the cow to the cold trap.


I think it is in MM measurements.


@Dred_pirate Just ordered the Adixen 2021i pump. It has KF 25 connections so I think I’ll start by just adapting the GL lines to KF25 (using bellows), and then depending on how that goes I’ll switch out from the cow to the inline distributor like you suggested, and then rig together a cold trap that uses 24/40 connections.

Getting closer to the final setup… now just need to settle on a mantle (lots of choices there), cold trap(s) and gauges!


Man I’ve seen those 2021 pumps cheap as balls. Where are the rebuild kits online? Anyone got a link


why you think i bought 3x of them…they were cheap as fuck! You can find minor rebuild kits for under $150 and the major rebuild kit i think has the vanes cost around $375

Minor rebuild kit and parts


Major rebuild kit


Plus all the parts you will ever need…



I got mine for $470! Shipping was $100 though.


I bought 3x for $760 total shipped.


Holy shit! You beat me on that big time haha


What are some thoughts on this valve for releasing/controlling vacuum on the system?


Hahaha. It’s like @Soxhlet valve with the cool rip
Off sticker.

That’s what we use to blank off the pump not releasing vacuum.


I use this valve with no issues got it for $45 and the alcatel2021i for $185


I’ve had better results with a block valve. It’s essentially the same as the pic you listed but is actually made from an aluminum block. I don’t know if it was just this manufacturer but the block valve had no play with the threads whereas the other steel valve had like 1/4 rotation before it actually started opening the bellow/plunger inside.


For solvent recovery for ~500 ml of crude (to fill 1 liter RBF), will this small SPD setup suffice? Or should I get a small rotovap to recover my ethanol?


you dont need a rotovap. This will certainly do the job for a small setup like that. This holds a Gallon of Tincture and recovers 1l of alcohol per hour and its only $125 shipped.